Liposuction prices vary a great deal because the procedure can be very minor or quite extensive. The factors that are most likely to influence your liposuction costs include:

  • Which part of the body you want treated (larger areas cost more)
  • If you want multiple areas treated
  • Whether you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon or another type of doctor (even dentists and ophthalmologists are offering liposuction these days)
  • Whether your surgery will involve general anesthesia
  • If the procedure is outpatient or if you need to stay overnight in the hospital
  • If the procedure is done in a surgeon’s office or in a hospital or other surgical center
  • Whether you have had previous liposuction that makes the area more difficult to treat
  • Your body weight (operating on larger patients sometimes takes longer)
  • If you are combining liposuction with other procedures such as a thigh lift or tummy tuck

General Liposuction Prices

Minor liposculpting may cost as little as $1,500 dollars. More extensive procedures to provide substantial re-contouring may cost $5,000 or more. You will probably want to budget at least $2,000 for each area of your body you want treated. However, liposuction prices for top notch surgeons may be twice what less-experienced practitioners charge. Keep in mind that procedures on the face and neck (to reduce jowls and a double chin) aren’t necessarily the least expensive – even though the least amount of fat is removed from these areas. That’s because it may take a higher level of expertise to sculpt these delicate areas with good results.

Additional Liposuction Costs

The liposuction prices mentioned above are only for surgeon’s fees. You can also expect to pay at least $1,000 for general anesthesia and at least $500-$1,000 for facility fees if your procedure is done in a hospital. Having multiple areas of your body treated at one time or having a large volume of fat removed in a single session can substantially increase your risk of complications. Because of this danger, you may need to have several operations to complete all your desired liposuction treatment. This means you would pay the anesthesia and facility fees each time. If you have minor liposuction performed at a surgeon’s clinic rather than a hospital, you may not have to pay facility fees. If local anesthetic and oral sedatives are used, the cost will be significantly lower than for general anesthesia.

Pre-op and Post-op Liposuction Costs

When you calculate liposuction prices, remember to factor in incidental costs for medical tests, compression garments and medications such as painkillers and antibiotics. If you don’t have someone at home to take care of you after your procedure, you will need to hire a nurse to stay with you for at least 24 hours. If you experience complications such as seroma (fluid accumulation that requires drainage with a needle) or infection, this will increase your total costs. Since the initial liposuction procedure was considered elective, your medical insurance will not cover the treatment for any complications arising from your surgery.

Managing Liposuction Costs

The best way to avoid ongoing costs from your procedure is to:

  • Select a board-certified plastic surgeon with an excellent track record for success with the specific liposuction procedure you are seeking.
  • Follow all instructions before and after surgery to speed healing and decrease your risk of complications.
  • You may save more money by paying in full for your surgery in a lump sum. If you are using a line of credit to pay for your liposuction procedure, try to pay it off early to avoid unnecessary interest fees.