Whether she’s an actress, model, or reality TV star, part of a celebrity’s job is to look good. And it follows that stars and their doctors are on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgeries and treatments.

Celebrities have the extra challenge of being photographed frequently and appearing on TV regularly. “High definition cameras, like all cameras, take a 3D image and squash it into 2D, which can make features look bigger and distorted,” explains Josh Korman, MD, FACS, and adjunct associate professor of plastic surgery at Stanford University. Given that HD cameras can also make wrinkles more noticeable and pores look bigger — not to mention adding that dreaded 10 pounds — it’s no wonder many celebrities turn to plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Find out about the top 10 most popular celebrity plastic surgeries.


“Botox is the number one boon to cosmetic enhancement in last three decades,” says Steve Pearlman, MD, FACS, a facial plastic surgeon specialist based in New York. It is used to relax crows feet, horizontal forehead lines, and the crinkley “11” lines between your eyes. If you’re worried about looking frozen with Botox, realize that injections have gotten more precise over the past few years. “It used to be that you would watch the Academy Awards and see all these actors and actresses with big smiles, but nothing on the upper part of the face moved,” he says. “Now, we can use a low to medium dose of Botox to relax the lines while maintaining facial expression.”

Breast Enhancements

Just like with Botox, the style today with breast enhancements is a more realistic look, says Korman. “The trend now is for a more natural looking breast, and not to go for the larger ones that were popular in the recent past,” he says. Part of the reason behind the trend is that silicone implants were given FDA approval in 2006 after being off the market for 20+ years due to safety concerns.

Eye Lifts

When patients come to see Dr. Pearlman for a consultation on an eye lift, he jokes that he’s taking out a plastic surgery textbook and breaks out the most recent issue of Vogue or InStyle. “The younger starlets have an upper eye lid that has a natural crease with a muscle and fullness and a brow that is low.” Surgeons have realized that a successful eye lift is more about the shape than the height, so there is less risk that you will have a tight overly pulled look around your eyes associated with this surgery in the past.

Cheek Fillers

Higher-looking cheekbones aren’t sculpted, they’re created. As we age, we lose volume in the cheekbones, explains Dr. Pearlman. He started using Restylane to fill and lift the cheeks. “I call them `Wow cheeks,’” he says of the process. Filling the cheeks helps to lift the rest of the face and also softens nasal labial folds.

Lips Fillers

With all the smiling celebrities do, full lips are almost a necessity. Whether you want to enhance what you have or replace some of the volume that lips tend to lose as we age, you can enhance lips and still look natural. Dr. Pearlman uses Restylane and Juvaderm injections to fill the lips and create symmetry. The results typically last six to nine months.


Most people don’t think about their nose, unless it’s a problem. “People talk about a woman’s beautiful eyes or hair, not her nose,” says Dr. Korman “The objective is to make nose disappear into the face.” Noses, in particular need to be proportional to your face, meaning not too big and not too thin from top to bottom. While it can be tricky to find the best nose for your face, Korman says it’s the surgery that is most rewarding, both for the surgeon and the patient.


Slim thighs, smooth knees, and hips with no saddle bags aren’t always a genetic gift. A variety of liposuction techniques are used to remove fat, generally from the waist down. Korman uses Smart, vaser, and non-invasive liposuction depending on the patient and the area being treated. “Often people think they have a lot of fat, but sometimes the problem is that they have a lot of excess skin.” To treat these patients, Korman relies on smart and vaser liposuction that emulsify fat so it’s easier to remove. These techniques also heat up the surface of the skin to help the skin contract. Both techniques are followed by traditional liposuction that sucks out the fat to remove it from the body.

In Zeltiq and other noninvasive types of liposuction, the fat is melted and then the body is stimulated to remove the fat. This technique is more suited for already thin people or those who do not have much fat to lose from a particular area.

Butt Lifts