Patient # 39843

Details for Patient # 39843

Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128
Procedure: Breast Augmentation
height_Feet: 5height_Inches: 7Implant_Size: 450Implant_Shape: Smooth roundIncision: PeriareolarPlacement: SubmuscularB_Size: AA_Size: DHistory: Our patient told us that she wanted to surprise her fiancé when he returned from his military service. She also stated that many of her favorite clothes did not fit well and that her breasts did not match the rest of her body. She requested a breast augmentation with Smooth Round Moderate Profile Breast Implants. She did very well and loves her new look. Six months later, we received their wedding invitation!assignedLocID: 0Site: BILayout: Breast Augmentation

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