Patient # 25970

Details for Patient # 25970

Age: 31
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 108
Procedure: Breast Revision
height_Feet: 5height_Inches: 3Implant_Fill: Siliconeprofile: HighB_Size: BA_Size: DHistory: Pre-existing silicone breast implants (performed by another surgeon 10 years ago). This breast enhancement patient presented a challenge in that she had quite a bit of pre-existing asymmetry with the implants themselves, and her left breast measurement was narrow to begin with. She opted to have the implants replaced with new silicone implants which were moderately larger. Notice the fairly natural slope on the side and profile view. Her frame actually looks broader on the post-operative view, but this is due to the photograph being taken with a somewhat "zoomed in" view.assignedLocID: 0Site: bi411Layout: Breast Augmentation

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