Patient # 34463

Details for Patient # 34463

Age: 38
Procedure: Other Body Contouring Procedures
Implant_Fill: SalineIncision: AbdominalB_Size: BA_Size: CHistory: Breast Augmentation through Abdominoplasty with limited liposuction. This patient complained of small breasts hypomastia, large abdomen and body disproportion. She had breast augmentation with saline breast implants through the low tummy tuck abdominoplasty panty line incision. She had lipsuction with tumescent technique intelligently not smartlipo. Her upper buttocks was reduced 3" with cosmetic surgery liposculpture technique The cosmetic surgery was performed as an outpatient.assignedLocID: 0Site: bi411Layout: Mommy Makeoverneedscategory: 1

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