Microdermabrasion costs are fairly low compared to many other skin rejuvenation treatments. An individual visit may cost anywhere from $75 to $300. The procedure itself is not lengthy, and the recovery time is very short. However, the improvements seen with microdermabrasion are very modest. Most patients need five to 10 sessions over a period of a few months followed by maintenance treatments every one to three months to reap the full benefit of this exfoliation therapy. Any estimate of total microdermabrasion costs should include these ongoing expenses. Here are some questions to ask yourself when calculating the cost of microdermabrasion.

Who is performing the treatment? A beauty spa or other aesthetic treatment center is likely to offer lower costs than a doctor's office or cosmetic surgery center. However, there may be less oversight over the procedure in a low-cost setting, which may increase the risk of unwanted side effects. Some patients end up going to a cosmetic surgeon to repair damage done by improper microdermabrasion technique. This is more costly than getting the treatment from a trained professional the first time around. The cost of microdermabrasion done in a clinic or hospital setting includes a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. This can reduce your risk of complications.

What type of equipment is used? Traditional microdermabrasion machines use compressed air to spray tiny, rough crystals against the face. This is accompanied by suction to remove the dead epidermal cells and crystals off the skin's surface. More recently introduced equipment may use a diamond-encrusted buffing tool to exfoliate skin. Doctors and aestheticians who are paying off the cost of new equipment might charge more for treatments. At this time, there are no large, head-to-head clinical trials showing that one type of equipment offers better results than the other.

Which areas do you want treated? Microdermabrasion isn't just for the face. Patients may request this treatment for their neck, chest, arms, shoulders, back or hands. Basically, any area that is regularly exposed to the sun can be exfoliated to remove dull-looking skin. The more areas you have treated, the higher your microdermabrasion costs are for the procedure. You may need to call around to find a provider who specializes in treatment for areas of the body besides the face.
Do you want other treatments as well? Microdermabrasion is often used as a preparatory treatment for deeper skin rejuvenation such as a chemical peel. It can also be part of a skin care regimen which includes prescription retinol or hydroquinone products to even out skin tone.

At-Home Microdermabrasion Costs

Kits for at-home use can cost $20 to $200. They are usually intended for multiple uses. The cheapest kits are really just exfoliating creams. More expensive ones include a buffing device to physically remove dead skin cells. At-home microdermabrasion prices are much lower than salon or clinic treatment. However, the procedure must usually be repeated more often (which may involve buying new supplies). Plus, the results are usually not as noticeable.