Who wouldn't want to get rid of wrinkles, crow's feet or an old acne scar? Microdermabrasion has been proven to get results through intense exfoliation and careful cleaning of the upper layers of the skin. The treatment itself is non-surgical, and the process has to be repeated to achieve the desired results, though each appointment is under an hour. Fortunately, the lack of recuperation time has little interruption to a patient's day-to-day life. Beyond these basics, take heed of these surprising facts about microdermbrasion.

1. Microdermabrasion can lighten stretch marks.

Hanging out on the beach, or even changing in the gym's locker room post-pregnancy can terrify women battling these unwanted, thin-white lines. Stretch marks are the result of new skin growing quickly to cover expanding body parts and can show up during pregnancy, puberty or even when an athlete is body building. For those afflicted, microdermabrasion has been proven to help reduce these spots. The same mechanism that helps to balance out darkened skin can also help reduce these unsightly blemishes. The procedure does not remove them, but it can make them smaller. Many people find the best results when using microdermabrasion in addition to an over-the-counter remedy for stretch marks, such as cocoa butter.

2. Microdermabrasion is popular with men.

It might not come as a surprise, but 91 percent of all cosmetic procedures are performed on women. However, as male baby boomers grow older, they seem to find it harder to resist the temptation of popular cosmetic surgeries. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of males having cosmetic procedures has been on the rise. In 2010, microdermabrasion was the third most popular, minimally-invasive procedure for men — with laser hair removal coming in at a close second.

3. You can get exfoliated by diamonds.

Microdermabrasion is one of the only cosmetic procedures where patients can choose to have diamonds cover their skin. However, opinions vary regarding the effectiveness of the diamond treatment versus the average crystal method. The diamonds or crystals are the abrasive material used to the scrub the patient's skin during the microdermabrasion treatment. Some physicians prefer to use these coarse stones because as a natural mineral, they cause less irritation to the skin as well as provide a level of abrasiveness that is not similarly obtained with the aluminum oxide crystals. Conversely, diamond tips have a harder time fitting into the contours of an uneven surface, so they are not as effective on certain areas of the body.

4. Microdermabrasion in the winter is best.

For both over-the-counter and physician-administered microdermabrasion sessions, it is crucial to wear sunscreen and protect the treated skin from harsh UV rays in the weeks immediately following treatment. The basic exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin leaves a new, fresh area that is easily burned and can even cause hyperpigmentation, known as age spots. Many doctors recommend having the multiple treatments over the cold, winter months to reduce the possible effects of sun damage to the new skin. As the best results of microdermabrasion are seen after multiple sessions that are weeks apart, it is a time-consuming process and should be planned in advance to provide optimal results and without unnecessary risks.