Light and medium chemical peel costs are comparable to other non-invasive resurfacing treatments like microdermabrasion, IPL, and laser skin rejuvenation that are designed to address some of the same skin issues. This puts them well within the price range of the average cosmetic treatment consumer. Chemical peel prices vary based on a number of factors including:

  • The depth of the peel (deeper peels cost substantially more than lighter ones)
  • The number of treatment sessions you need (lighter peels must be repeated frequently)
  • The experience level and training of the staff performing your peel (a cosmetic surgery center can reasonably charge more than a day spa)
  • The popularity of the peel (some “brand name” peels may be pricier just because they are in fashion)
  • The number of follow-up visits needed to assess your recovery (usually only necessary with medium and deep peels)
  • The cost of treating any complications (there are some rare, but serious side effects that may require corrective treatment)
  • The cost of sedatives or anesthesia (not required with light chemical peels)
  • The cost of creams such as Retin-A or hydroquinone to prepare your skin for a peel
  • Follow-up skin care products to maintain results (cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.) A skin care line that is customized for your skin can cost more than $1,000 per year.

Light Chemical Peel Costs

A light or superficial peel may range in price from $100-350 dollars. These peels are generally considered low risk and many patients are good candidates for treatment. This means you can often find promotional or introductory pricing for your first procedure that brings the cost down even further. Just be aware that you will probably need five or six sessions over a period of several months to get the full benefit of these peels. This means your final price tag could be closer to $1,200-1,500. Plan to make light chemical peels a part of your regular skin care routine if you want to keep enjoying the results year after year.

Medium Chemical Peel Costs

Chemical peel prices vary substantially in this category because the term “medium depth” covers a lot of ground. Some are only slightly more aggressive than a light peel while others are substantially deeper. Costs range from $500 to about $2,000. With the medium-light chemical peels, you can expect to need several treatments spaced a few months apart to get the full benefit of the treatment. With the medium-deep peels, you may only need a couple of sessions to achieve the results you want. Again, the smoothing, brightening affect will fade over time. You can expect to revisit this procedure from time to time over the coming months or years.

Deep Chemical Peel Costs

This treatment is by far the most expensive. A full-face phenol peel can cost as much as $6,000. The procedure is lengthy (one to two hours) and is only done at a hospital or cosmetic surgery center. You will be expected to cover any facility charges and the anesthetist’s fees in addition to the cosmetic surgeon’s fee. Some patients choose to have a partial-phenol peel to reduce their costs and target particularly stubborn wrinkles, scars or dark patches. Pricing for these smaller procedures generally depends on the surface area covered and the complexity of application for aesthetic results. For example, treating a single deep acne scar might cost just a couple of hundred dollars. Fixing smoker’s lines around the mouth might cost a couple of thousand.

How to Pay for Chemical Peel Costs

Medical insurance does not cover the cost of a chemical peel except when it is done for reasons such as:

  • Reconstructive surgery (for example, to treat scarring after an accident)
  • Removal of precancerous lesions upon referral from a physician

Most cosmetic surgery centers offer or can recommend financing options for higher-cost chemical peels. You may be able to get a good rate by purchasing a “package” of multiple superficial peels. Just make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to the peel before you commit to a long-term regimen.