You’re thrilled with the enhanced bustline that your new breast implants promise—and you imagine that the people who love you will have the exact same reaction. But some people find that the reactions from their friends and family to their plastic surgery may take them by surprise. Here are some of the most common reactions to breast implants—and how to deal with them.

You may not get any reaction. Sure, you can tell the difference in how your clothes fit and the confidence that your new bustline gives you—but some people can be pretty oblivious to even big and sudden changes in the body shape of someone they love. Others may notice the changes your breast implants have caused in your body, but are unsure of how to approach you about your big changes. (“Hey, nice boobs” does sound kind of goofy.)

How to Handle: If you feel comfortable talking about your plastic surgery and think that they’re just looking for an opportunity to talk to you about it, go ahead and broach the subject with them. (You can say something like, “I felt like I wanted an improvement, and I went ahead with breast implants.”) But if you don’t feel comfortable bringing it up—there’s no need to share this information with them.

You may get some negative feedback. Plastic surgery can be a bit controversial—and not everyone agrees that modifications like breast implants are necessary or desirable. Some people who get breast implants find that a few people in their lives have a very negative reaction to their decision. Those who have the negative reactions often make critical comments about the decision, which can lead to arguments or even estrangements, if the person continues to express their negative opinions of the breast implants.

How to Handle: Negative reactions to plastic surgery are often the most difficult to manage—especially when you’re feeling so positive about your breast implants. Try to avoid creating a nasty confrontation. Listen to what the person has to say, then say something that shows you’ve heard and understood their feelings, but you expect them to respect your decision to undergo plastic surgery. Try something like: “I understand that you think breast implants are unnatural. I respect your opinion, however, I am happy with my decision to undergo plastic surgery and I hope you will respect my decision.”

For most people, it’s enough to allow them to express their opinion (and if the breast implants have already been done, it’s kind of a moot point anyway)—and you can both move on.

But if a friend or family member continues to respond negatively to your plastic surgery every time you see them, you may need to let them know how their reactions are affecting your relationship. Try saying something like: “I understand that you aren’t happy with my decision to get breast implants, but constantly criticizing me for getting them is only hurting our relationship. Let’s try to move on and agree to disagree.” Hopefully, this will get the naysayer to back off—and help you keep the peace.

You may get a ton of questions. Odds are, more than one person in your friends-and-family circle has considered getting breast implants themselves—and so they may start peppering you with questions once they notice you’ve had work done. Some of the questions may even seem intrusive—including how much your plastic surgery cost, and what size breast implants you picked.

How to Handle: If you feel comfortable, go ahead and answer the questions your friend is posing. If something seems odd or intrusive, you don’t have to answer. You might try asking, “Why do you ask?” if someone poses a potentially intrusive question like how much they cost—you may feel more comfortable sharing that kind of information if the questioner is considering her own breast enhancement, rather than someone who’s just being nosy.

You’ll get plenty of support. You’ll likely find that most of your inner circle’s reactions will be really supportive—they’ll want to see you achieve something that really makes you happy. And if getting breast implants is what makes you happy, they’ll be all for it.

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