Not everyone can marry a prince, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nose befitting a royal. Like her hair and fashions, Kate Middleton’s nose is just another element admirers are clamoring to imitate.

Plastic surgeons in Britain are reporting that women hoping to model their facial features after the Duchess of Cambridge has caused business to soar, but Nick Slenkovich, MD, a plastic surgeon at the Colorado Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, Colo., says the trend hasn’t reached his practice. “It’s not uncommon for patients to bring in photos of celebrities, but I don’t think I’ve had anyone request Kate Middleton’s features, yet.”

And even though this infatuation with all things Kate may provide a boost to at least the British economy, is it a really a good idea for women to borrow facial features from glamorous celebrities?

Is Kate Middleton’s Nose Right For Me?

Maybe, says Dr. Slenkovich, who finds patients are often very astute in selecting features that will work well for them personally. But, he admits, that’s not always the case. When there is a problem with a patient's idea of who they want to emulate, he says he tries to help them make a more informed choice. “It’s my job to educate patients, and I do that by using visual tools and explanations. I also look at individual concerns and what patients tell me they want.”

Slenkovich does encourage patients to gather photos of celebrities or others if they spot a look that appeals to them. “I actually find it very helpful when patients bring in photos of features they like because it helps me determine what they’re thinking,” he says.

Reviewing photos with patients can also reveal other concerns. Does the patient have unrealistic aesthetic goals? Are they looking to plastic surgery to resolve relationship issues or other problems? A reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon will spend time consulting with a patient to better understand their needs and goals.

The Search for the Perfect Nose

It stands to reason that beautiful people have beautiful features, but does that mean Kate Middleton really has the perfect nose? “In terms of Western, Caucasian aesthetics, a nose that is sculpted and refined is certainly considered the ideal,” explains Slenkovich. But when it comes to noses, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

“Face and bone structure are what determines the ideal nose for you,” says Slenkovich. He advises looking at the balance and proportion of the nose in relation to facial structure when considering rhinoplasty.

The correct balance between nose and face is also sometimes determined by mathematical formulas and ethical and cultural norms or preferences. Some experts say Kate’s straight nose wit