Nowadays, many of us are willing to invest a little money toward improving our appearance and correcting some of the less-than-perfect features Mother Nature provided us. But good looks don’t necessarily come cheap, so it’s important to invest wisely and to choose the procedures that will give us the most bang for our bucks.

Chin augmentation to correct a receding or weak chin is one procedure many believe is worth the price. The cost of chin augmentation is more reasonable than other more extensive procedures and typically produces very satisfying results.

Calculating Costs

There are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of chin augmentation. “There are multiple fees involved in chin augmentation,” says Darrick Antell, MD, a New York City based plastic and reconstructive surgeon and spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Geographic location can play a role, with prices generally higher in areas of the country where cost of living is also higher. Fees are usually highest in the Northeast and West Coast. Price may also be influenced by competition: If you live in an area where demand is higher, you may expect to pay more than those living in regions where the procedure is less popular.

One of the biggest factors in cost is the experience and qualifications of the surgeon performing chin augmentation. “Fees vary depending on the expertise of the surgeon,” says Dr. Antell. “But, in addition to the surgeon’s fee, you also have to consider the cost of the operating room, the fee for the anesthesiologist who monitors the patient — even when chin augmentation is done under local anesthesia — and the cost of the implant itself.”

While each of these services impacts the overall cost of the procedure, Antell says most patients are interested in the “out the door price.” He estimates the average cost of chin augmentation in his office to be between $5000 and $7000. Estimates across the country for chin augmentation with implants range from $2000 to $7500. The price point for injectables is considerably less than surgery, ranging from approximately $500 to $2500.

Paying For Chin Augmentation

In most cases, chin augmentation surgery is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and is not typically covered by insurance. The procedure may be covered if it is required due to facial trauma or a severely crooked chin or jaw.

Patients are encouraged to speak with both their insurance provider and their physician’s office regarding cost and payment options for chin augmentation procedures. Payment plans and medical finance options are often available.

It’s also important to avoid selecting a surgeon based on fees alone. Fees for physicians who are more experienced and skilled in chin augmentation often have higher fees, but they may also produce superior results with fewer complications.