Testi In August of 2003, I participated in my first co-ed slow pitch game. I had played countless games of traveling fast pitch softball, so I thought a slow pitch game would be like any other softball game. While playing at third base, I was hit it the face with a line drive that barely tipped off my glove. My hometown doctor referred me to Dr. Kriet because of the seriousness of the injury. After looking at the CT scans Dr. Kriet told me that I had broken ten bones in my face and that my injuries were similar to ones that he had seen from car accidents. I was 17 at time, and ready to start my senior year of High school. Volleyball was around the corner and so were my senior pictures. I was scared that I would never look the same again, but Dr. Kriet and his nurse Becky White took me under their wings and let me know that everything was going to be ok. The staff was wonderful throughout my whole experience before, during, and after the five hour surgery. Dr. Kriet fixed my face like brand new! It was almost as if it had never happened. I stayed in touch with Dr. Kriet and Becky with follow up visits for the next year. The only negative thing I can remember from post surgery is finding out that I couldn’t run or lift over 20 lbs for 6 months, which meant no volleyball. However, I was back in the groove by the time basketball season came around. I am so grateful for what Dr. Kriet and his staff did for me. At 23, I am healthy. I don’t have any complications from my accident. No one ever believes me when I say that I broke ten bones in my face because there are no visible scars to prove it! I thank God everyday for the skill of the doctors and staff I had working on me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

Testi I have been a runner for a long time, and when people ask me what kind of runner I tell them, “I am not a fast runner, or a slow runner.” However, having said that, I have learned some principles of running, and one of them is to take the one mile or one telephone pole ‘at a time.’ Turning 50 years old was to me another flag pole, and I was going to take it just as running had taught me, this was a flag pole, a marker of a certain mile in my life. To say that I was prepared for the changes turning 50 years old had posed for me would be a moniker to the growth I was getting ready to experience. I believed in eating right, exercising, challenging myself intellectually, keeping a spiritual check on my life and short strings on resentments. However, the change I was beginning to notice in my complexion was not easily put into any of these categories. The physiological changes were there and no one wanted to talk about them. Menopause, hormones, and all the changes associated are usually whispered at a drug counter or a make up counter. Our best scientists are trying to figure out what we can do to lessen the negative effects of this significant stage of our life. I did not want to take commercial claims from make up counters or home distributors to leave my skin care up to chance. It is then I decided I really needed to do some research, and look for the most recent science about skin and cellular renewal. I went not only to the web to research but talked to friends about their experiences with the products they used, comparing their skin as to what they said was working for them. It was then I found through KU Medical Center, Dr. Kriet’s name listed as one of the ‘Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery’ professional staff. I had a mole on my temple that had started to develop as part of the changes, as well as discolorations and even shadows on my neck from the years of running. I decided it was there I was going to start, and have the mole removed just to be sure. I made an appointment with Dr. Kriet. He analyzed the situation and listened to my concerns, as well as my curiosity as to his advice in the best treatment for facial care. He took the time to discuss all my options, as well as my fears and anxieties about any skin care and non-surgical procedures. The appointment was made for the mole to be removed and he introduced me to his staff nurse, Becky White, who assisted with the removal of the mole. The two of them were very reassuring, patient, and answered the questions I had about my care after surgery, as well as my questions about skin care. I have always been so grateful, as Becky White, found the time to call as a follow up and just ask how I was doing the next day. During one of my follow up visits I met Dawn Swartz, ‘Facial Aesthetics’ and she talked to me about non-surgical skin care. It was then she explained the process of the skin care ‘Obagi’. I started Obagi about 4 years ago, and I have to say, I have not been the same since. The product made sense to me, it was a scientific approach to cellular renewal, and I understood the science behind it. I also knew it would be up to me to stick with it for it to work… Like running, I had to pace myself and the expectations I would expect from using Obagi over time. It worked! After a couple of weeks of watching my face shed what seemed to be years of discoloration and shadows as well as lines, the evidence was returning a healthier response to my skin care. My husband teased me, and said during the first couple of weeks, I peeled my face for a past time. However, he is still smiling, but he is no longer teasing. Friends approach me and some even ask if I have had surgical procedures. I smile and say, “not yet.” But the truth is, when I do, it will be with Dr. Kriet and his ‘Dream Team’, Becky and Dawn. They are so professional and personable, and even the front office would greet me with my first name, making me feel comfortable. When I had questions and anxieties about ‘chemical peel’ for the first time, or a ‘laser’ treatment, they listened and patiently answered each one; they have come to know me as the patient with a million questions. They are professionals whom over the course of 4 years have become friends, and even feel like family at times. There has been a huge relationship of trust, and confidence built with a team of ‘caring professionals’ with Dr. Kriet and his ‘Dream Team’, Becky, Dawn, and the ladies who greet you at the front desk. Friends ask, “Do you trust them, after all this is your face, no hiding there?” I smile and say back, it makes me feel a little more confident when I am out in public, at school as a non-traditional student, w