Wondering what effect your new breasts (whether you’re going bigger, getting a lift, or reducing) will have on your body image and self-esteem? It’s definitely a factor to think about.

Better Sex?
Let’s face it: traditionally, getting implants has been looked down upon as a mark of vanity, insecurity, or desperation to please men. But some research has pointed out that it’s more complicated than that: it truly can change the way a woman feels about herself — in a good way. A 2007 study published in Plastic Surgical Nursing found that after getting implants, women’s self esteem and sexual function both increased (this was based on studying 84 women, between the ages of 21 and 57, who got breast implants). Specifically, the women felt more sexually desirable, had more sexual arousal, and experienced greater sexual satisfaction. There is so much focus on men’s sexuality (and sexual dysfunction and the medications used to treat it) that women sometimes get left out of the discussion. Of course, implants aren’t right for every woman, and many women do have unrealistic expectations about how implants may change their lives. But for women who freely seek out breast implants (understanding all of the risks), without feeling pressured by anyone to do it, the surgery can certainly have a positive impact on how they feel about themselves.

Getting Your Body Back
There’s also a case to be made for women who want to get their body back after having children, nursing babies, or gaining and losing weight. When you are working so hard to maintain your healthy weight, yet your sagging breasts don’t reflect it, it can be frustrating — and can even sabotage a healthy lifestyle. Breast lifts help women tackle the final hurdle to feeling like themselves again, and to feeling sexy, confident, and healthy.

Losing the Self-Consciousness
For women with overly large, uncomfortable breasts, the main reason for getting a breast reduction surgery is likely related to health, such as terrible back and neck pain, or skin irritation from tight bra straps and sagging breasts. Not only can a breast reduction alleviate the physical symptoms, it can do wonders for a woman’s self esteem, especially if she has long felt embarrassed by her breasts, or felt like it’s all people noticed about her. A breast reduction can greatly reduce those feelings of self-consciousness, and help a woman feel more social, more vibrant, and even more likely to engage in physical activity and maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight.