Typically, a breast lift costs less than $10,000. A minor lift such as a periareolar lift that involves only a small incision to lift the nipple and areola may cost just a few thousand. A full breast lift with an anchor incision and substantial removal of sagging skin may cost more than $8,000. Usually, a breast lift costs somewhere between $5,000-$6,000.

Breakdown of Breast Lift Prices

The most significant cost associated with a breast lift is the surgeon’s fee. Surgeons tend to base their fee on factors such as their degree of experience and specialization, the level of local demand for the procedure, the overhead to run their practice and how long they expect the surgery to take. A board-certified plastic surgeon is likely to charge more than a doctor who only does cosmetic surgery as a side business. Typically, the surgeon’s fee alone will be over $4,000.

The next most costly aspect of the procedure is anesthesia. The anesthesiologist will charge a fee for services, and there will also be costs for the equipment and anesthetic used during your operation. General anesthesia usually costs more than $1,000 for a breast lift procedure. Breast lift costs also include a facility fee charged by the hospital or surgical center where the procedure is performed. This may add another $1,000 dollars or more to the total price (although some facility fees are substantially lower). A very minor lift done using local anesthetic and an oral sedative at a plastic surgeon’s office rather than at a hospital may not entail these fees.

If you choose to have implants placed at the same time as your breast lift, this will cost at least $1,000 more. The price covers the cost of the implants and the additional time needed during surgery for creating a pocket for placement of the implant on top of or underneath the pectoral muscle.

Additional Breast Lift Costs

There are many additional items and services that add to the final cost of breast lift surgery. These include:

  • Lab tests before surgery to evaluate whether a patient is a suitable candidate
  • Supplies used during surgery and for post-operative care
  • Compression garments
  • Medications (painkillers and antibiotics)
  • Follow-up visits to manage healing
  • Revision surgery to address complications or patient dissatisfaction

Just like the surgery itself, none of these costs are covered by medical insurance.

Managing Breast Lift Costs

Choosing the least-experienced surgeon who charges the lowest fees is not the smartest way to save money on a breast lift since your risk of expensive complications may be higher. Here are other ways to lower breast lift costs.

Patients who have sufficient money on hand to pay the surgeon’s fee in a lump sum might be offered a discount. Receiving payment immediately eliminates the administrative collection costs associated with the account, and this savings may be passed on to the patient.

Many patients can’t pay in full for breast lift surgery at the time of service. Instead, they are offered a payment plan that breaks down the cost into manageable monthly payments. This increases the total price of the breast lift since it includes paying interest. However, patients who use a revolving line of credit for their “plastic surgery loan” can reduce the amount of interest by paying off the balance early.

Since breast lift recovery usually requires taking at least a week off work, saving up vacation days or paid time off can help defray the cost of time lost from work. Following all post-operative instructions decreases the risk of complications, speeds healing and leads to a less costly breast lift experience.