Have you ever wondered what guys really think about breast implants? If you ask 10 men to give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” response on the topic, you’re likely to get 15 different answers. That’s because a lot of guys are on the fence about breast augmentation. For example, they may find implants attractive on a Victoria’s Secret model but feel ambivalent if their girlfriend or wife (or mother!) wants to get her breasts done. Besides that, men will sometimes give the answer they think you want to hear rather than what they really think. In the same way, they may tout one position in locker room bragging sessions but secretly hold a different opinion that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with other guys.

It’s All Anecdotal
So far, the psychological literature on breast implants has focused on investigating women’s attitudes and responses to breast augmentation surgery. Since most women who seek this procedure state they are doing it for their own reasons and not to make a guy happy, that’s a reasonable focus. However, that doesn’t mean women don’t want to know what men think about breast implants. Some men are pretty vocal about where they stand – publishing lifestyle magazine articles on the topic, commenting in online forums, and even appearing on Oprah. So let’s investigate the male perspective based on some of the more commonly expressed opinions.

Guys Who Love Implants
These men are unabashed about liking a generous but youthful looking bosom. They don’t care if silicone or saline is involved in creating this effect. Most will admit that implants feel different to the touch; but they don’t mind the difference in texture as long as the size appeals to them.

Men Who Stand by their Woman
For supportive male partners, the focus is on the woman, not the breast. Cosmetic surgery is just a means to an end in helping a wife or girlfriend feel good about her appearance. These guys say it’s the fact that their partner feels desirable and confident that makes her seem even sexier than ever. They are proud to show off their significant other looking fantastic after a successful breast implant procedure; but they may not have a strong opinion about implants per se.

Guys Who Hate Implants
These men turn up their noses at the idea of “fake” breasts. They talk about breast implants as being ugly, unnatural, or even disgusting. Men in this category may claim to have broken up with a previous girlfriend because of her implants. Ironically, even guys who say they don’t like breast implants often describe the ideal female figure as having proportions and physical characteristics that are usually impossible to achieve without surgical augmentation.

Fake Feel vs. Real Feel
This is one area where the majority of men seem to hold a similar opinion – they prefer the feel of a natural breast. Cosmetic enhancements feel different than the surrounding tissue and are generally firmer to the touch. Capsular contracture (excessive scar tissue buildup around the implant) can make this distinction more apparent. However, guys can and do get used to the texture of implanted breasts over time, given the opportunity. For most men, it’s not a make it or break it situation when it comes to romance.

Can Men Tell if You Have Implants?
Guys often claim to be breast connoisseurs who can spot implants by sight from 30 paces. If you are wearing a bikini top and playing water volleyball, then the difference between natural and enhanced breasts can be fairly apparent. However, most implants aren’t detectable under regular clothing and a supportive, fully lined bra. In the end, guys are still going to look and speculate no matter what you do. That’s one more reason to make your choice about breast implants based on what makes you feel good – not what you think guys like or don’t like.