Weight gain is a common complaint after undergoing breast implant surgery. Obviously, the weight of the breast implants alone will make your scale creep up beyond its current numbers—but some post-operative weight gain goes beyond the simple math of starting weight plus breast implants. In fact, most plastic surgeons say that a five-pound weight gain is common immediately after a breast implant surgery. Here are some reasons your scale may rise after undergoing plastic surgery, and what you can do to help peel those extra pounds off swiftly.

Fluid Retention: The stress, hormones and medications involved in any type of surgery could trigger your body to retain fluid—and that extra fluid trapped in your tissues is causing your post-operative weight gain. If this occurs, you can talk with your plastic surgeon. She may prescribe a mild diuretic, or you can try increasing your fluid intake. It may seem counter-intuitive, but often increasing the amount of water you drink can encourage your body to let go of the fluid it’s retaining. This should also right itself on its own within a few months after you receive the breast implants. (In fact, many women find that a few months after receiving their breast implants, their weight is actually lower than their weight before their surgery!)

Swelling and Bleeding: The trauma of the breast implant surgery may have created swelling or bleeding in the surrounding tissue, which could cause a modest weight gain. This extra pound or two should disappear relatively quickly, as your body begins to heal from the surgery. You may find that regular icing of the incisions and surgical area helps limit swelling and bleeding—and minimizes the likelihood of post-operative weight gain.

Recovery Period: Most plastic surgeons direct their patients to avoid resuming heavy exercise routines until at least a few weeks after the surgery, to allow your body time to heal. If you’re used to living a very active lifestyle, with hours a week logged at the gym, a few weeks of no exercise could lead to a very slight weight gain of a few pounds. To prevent this kind of weight gain, watch your intake for the few weeks of recovery, cutting back slightly on your calories while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Once you’re able to resume your normal workout schedule, any weight gain should easily peel off of your body.

So don’t fret if your scale starts to climb immediately after your breast implant surgery. Give your body a few months to heal and for the fluid retention to right itself, and you may find that your body’s even sleeker than it was before the plastic surgery.