One of the simplest and most low-tech ways to try out different breast implants sizes is with the rice test. Breast implants obviously don’t feel like bags of rice, but these rice testers can give you some idea of what your breasts would look like larger. You can use other coarse grained materials such as oatmeal instead of rice; but don’t try flour or other materials that can become densely packed.

The main reason this test is popular is that you can do it at home. Take as long as you like to experiment with different sizes. There’s no rush. This test will not give you an exact size for your implants (you’ll need a real consultation for that), but it can give you a starting place. For example, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if a 200cc implant looks too small or if a 350cc implant would be too big.

What You Will Need:

  • A comfortable sports bra (one with separate cups rather than one that just has a single band of fabric across the front)
  • Several cups of uncooked rice
  • A few knee high stockings or pantyhose cut off at the knee

Some women use a regular bra to hold their rice test breast implants. That’s not really the best idea since underwire, padding, and other features will change how the size looks. The sports bra applies a certain amount of pressure to the rice packets. This more closely resembles what your implants would look like compressed under your breast tissue.

Rice Test Instructions

  • Measure out 1/8 cup of rice for every cc of implant volume you want to try. So, a 300cc implant would be about 1 and a quarter cups of rice.
  • Add the desired amount of rice to the foot of the stocking. Twist and wrap the end of the stocking so that the rice is in a ball at the end. The rice should not be packed too firmly. The packet of rice should flatten out a little when you hold it in your hand – like a real implant.
  • Put on your sports bran and insert your rice test breast implants. Don’t place them too close together in an attempt to create cleavage since that is not how actual implants are placed (if your surgeon is doing it right). On each side, adjust placement so your nipple is lined up approximately with the center of the “tester.”
  • Stand up straight with good posture and check out the size in the mirror from as many angles as possible. Take pictures of each result so you can compare various breast implants sizes side by side later. That’s easier than trying to remember which one you liked best.
  • You may empty and fill your tester stockings to test out each new size or make separate testers in many different sizes to play with. Once you find a size you like, wear it around the house for a while to see how it feels. Note: If you are planning to have the implant placed under the muscle, there’s an additional step to the rice test. Breast implants tend to look a little flatter under the muscle. So, find the volume of ccs you like and write it down. Add 15 percent to that number to find the approximate volume for a submuscular implant.