Breast implant sizers are imitation breast implants that you can use at home to try different cc volumes in private at your own convenience. Some patients buy these weeks or months in advance of scheduling a consultation so they can get comfortable with how the different sizes look and feel with no rush to make a decision. Having a good idea of approximately what size of breast implants you like can make the consultation process simpler and less stressful. Plus, you can try on sizers with many different styles of clothing to get a good idea of what you will look like from day to day.

It is possible to make your own breast implant sizers with simple materials like rice stuffed in a pantyhose leg. You can adjust the amount of rice to try different volumes of “filler.” However, there are also more realistic sizers available for purchase.

Purlz Home Trial Breast Implant Sizers

These are constructed of microfiber spandex blend fabric that can be hand washed. They are filled with 100% polyethylene plastic beads (so you don’t have to worry about liquid leaking out). You can order sizers by volume of ccs if you already know roughly the size of breast implants you want. Or you can buy these based on what cup size you want to achieve. When you order by your desired cup size, you select your set of sizers based on your current cup size. They still come labeled in ccs so you know which volume to tell your surgeon you like. Sizers are available in volumes from 200 to 700cc from Purlz.

The idea is to buy a set of several different sizes and wear each one for several days or longer to see how they look and feel. You can wear these with a sports bra or with your regular underwire bra. The sizers are held in place with a combination of hooks, straps and tape so that they won’t wiggle their way out of your bra as you go about your day. Buying sizers in pairs has the benefit of letting you look at both breasts with “implants” at the same time.

Natrelle (Formerly Envision)

This breast implant sizing system is offered by Natrelle (the brand name for Allergan breast implants). These are sizers that look and feel similar to real implants. Of course, they don’t cost nearly as much since they are not manufactured to the exacting standards required for an actual implant. The “pre-consultation kit” includes the four most commonly requested implant sizes (but only one of each). An educational booklet and a breast width ruler are provided to help you find a good starting place for picking the right size.

You also receive a testing bra to try on the sizers for the most realistic simulation of what implanted breasts look like. You get to select your proper bra size during the checkout process. A video is also provided that walks you step by step through a sample consultation. Obviously, it’s not customized to your specific body type and implant preference, but it may give you an idea of what questions you will ask and answer during your own consultation.