Getting breast implants can stir up a whole range of emotions, from elation to depression. Discover what your emotional recovery from surgery may be like.

In the days and weeks leading up to your breast augmentation, there’s likely to be a huge buildup of excitement and anticipation, as you’re picturing your post-surgery body.

But after you receive your breast implants, you may find that your immediate feelings aren’t quite as buoyant. In fact, you’ll likely go through a whole array of negative emotions in the first weeks following your surgery, as you start to recover. And as recovery ends, the positive emotions—pride and happiness—will definitely start to kick in. Here’s a guide to some of the emotions you may feel during your recovery.

• Exhausted and numb. The after-effects of anesthesia and the emotional and physical stress of the surgery itself could take its toll on your emotional state, making you feel a bit like a zombie in the first few days after your surgery has taken place. Expect to spend a lot of time sleeping and resting as your body and mind work to stabilize themselves.

• Depressed. Immediately after your surgery, your chest will likely be bruised and swollen, and you won’t have the picture perfect breasts you’ve been imagining—and the discomfort you’re feeling may also make you feel a bit bummed. Expect to go through a few days of disappointment.

• Overwhelmed. You’re recovering from major surgery, you’re likely still on some form of rest, and your body isn’t quite recovered and looking like what you anticipated—so it would be no surprise if you’d feel overwhelmed by it all. With additional rest and some perspective on the time it will take to fully recover and see the results you wanted, that overwhelmed feeling will likely disappear.

• Regret. If you’re in the throes of the recovery and haven’t seen the results yet, you may start to wish you hadn’t done this to your body after all. But with a little patience, you’ll likely be thrilled with the results—and all of that regret will disappear.

• Impatient. You may have already waited for months or years to actually get your breast implants—so after the surgery, you want to see results right away. Waiting for a few weeks to actually see the final results can be excruciating.

• Proud and Excited. As you start to heal and your body starts to show the effects of your breast augmentation, you’ll likely start feeling very proud of your new body—and excited to show off your new breasts.

• Happiness. As the recovery period ends and you get to see the final results, you’ll likely feel very happy with your new physique—and thrilled that you went ahead with your breast augmentation surgery.