If you're dissatisfied with the small size of your breasts, you may be thinking about how to improve your appearance with breast enlargements. Hundreds of thousands of women increase their breast size with implants every year. However, not all women are in a good position to get surgery right away. For example, they might need to wait until they save up some vacation time for a comfortable post-op recovery. Others are not sure whether having larger breasts will be worth undergoing an operation. In these situations, the best breast augmentation choice may be to postpone surgery and try other options first.

What Can You Learn From Temporary Breast Enlargements?

It's normal to have some questions about the practical and psychological effects of suddenly going up a cup size or two. If you are on the fence about breast augmentation, trying alternatives to surgery is often a good way to find out whether:

  • You feel better about yourself when you are more "filled out" on top
  • You will fit into the fashions you like best with a larger cup size
  • You are comfortable with the extra attention people may pay to your appearance
  • You still get treated professionally at work with noticeable breast enlargements
  • You can participate in the activities you enjoy without your chest getting in the way
  • You still enjoy having larger breasts after several months

This information can help you decide not just whether to get implants, but what cup size is right for your figure. One of the most common reasons women seek revision surgery after getting implants is because they want to go up another size. Why not save money by making the best breast augmentation choice for your body type up front?

Types of Temporary Breast Enlargements to Try

Padded Bras
Padded bras can be used to increase your apparent breast size by one to two cup sizes. Some feature foam or fabric padding while others use a sealed packet of water, oil or silicone gel to add volume. Liquid-based padding adds more weight to the bra. This could help you experience what supporting larger breasts might feel like for your shoulders and upper back.

Push Up Bras
Push up bras feature a section of firm padding along the lower edge of each bra cup to push existing breast tissue upward and create a fuller effect. A push up bra can help simulate what your body might look like with surgical breast enlargements and a breast lift. Some implants add a curve to the top of the breast profile that isn't present in natural breasts. Your results will depend on the shape and placement of your implants. Of course, after surgery your new breasts will still need an extra push to maximize your cleavage for special occasions.

Bra Inserts
Inserts or "falsies" are a great option if you have breast asymmetry that you plan to get corrected during your breast implant surgery. Just like you can choose implants of different sizes, you can use two different sizes of inserts to even out your breasts. Some bras are designed with a small pocket on the inside of the cup to hold an insert. You can also simply add an insert to any bra by wedging the pad between the lower curve of your breast and the cup. Just pay attention throughout the day since unsecured inserts may shift around and end up peeking out of the top of your blouse!

Pump Up Bras
An inflatable or "pump up" bra lets you experiment with your breast size without buying lots of different bras. Some styles have the inflatable pouch sewn into the bra while others ar