You may be wondering what life will be like after the recovery is complete, the scars begin to heal, and you get back to your day-to-day activities. You may also be wondering about the long-term implications of implants, and how it might impact future activities. Here are a few things to chew on.

You Can Exercise With Breast Implants

Your implants won't stop you from exercising! You can do everything you did before. You will need a more supportive bra, however, and it may take some adjustment to get used to moving around (such as with cardiovascular activities) with larger breasts. If you are worried about vigorous exercise causing a rupture, don't. There is no evidence to suggest that it might. (And activities like kickboxing, swimming, weight lifting and running do not void your implant warranty.)

Breast Implants Often Improve Intimacy

Wondering how your implants might affect your sex life? According to one recent study, they might make you feel more desirable and make sex even better. Whether or not your implants feel "fake" depends on the type you get and how large you decide to go.

Pregnancy and Weight Gain With Breast Implants

Having implants doesn't impact your ability to get pregnant. It may affect your ability to breastfeed, although many women with implants are still able to. If you are thinking of getting pregnant in the next few years, you might be wise to put off getting implants until after the pregnancy (and ensuing weight loss) because pregnancy weight gain (which is necessary and healthy for you and the baby) can change the shape of your breasts and affect your implants.

The Effects of Implant Removal

If you decide to have your implants removed at some point in the future, keep the following in mind: Over time, you will grow some additional skin to accommodate the increase in breast volume; at the same time, your own breast tissue shrinks to some degree as a result of pressure from the implant. So, if some day you decide to have them removed, you won't return to the same size and shape you were before augmentation. You'll be smaller than you were originally and you'll have more sagging. (This is why many women may choose to have a breast lift if they eventually decide to have their implants removed.)