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Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. With so many women making their breasts larger, many wonder why anyone would consider Dallas Breast Reduction surgery. Sadly what is often viewed as a blessing can become the source of discomfort and emotional pain. Dallas board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ricardo Meade performs Dallas breast reduction to alleviate both the physical and emotional stress caused by large breasts.

Women who’s breasts are too large for their frame often complain of shoulder, neck, and back pain as well as difficulty breathing. Regular exercise may be difficult and even be a source of embarrassment for some. Women with extra large breasts struggle to find clothing that fit properly and often avoid revealing clothing or swimsuits. The quality of life for a woman with overly large breasts can greatly be improved with Dallas breast reduction surgery.

During your Dallas breast reduction consultation, Dr. Meade will develop a breast reduction plan that fits your individual needs. There are a number of techniques Dr. Meade may use during breast reduction surgery. There is not one technique that is right for everyone. After breast reduction surgery in Dallas, women will find that the procedure has left them with breasts that are smaller, more firm and in better proportion with the rest of their body.