Important Coverage for Breast Cancer Patients

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Women who elect to undergo
radical mastectomy should
know that breast reconstruction
is an option for them, either
immediately or on a delayed
basis. The most common
breast-reconstruction procedure
involves placement of an implant
in the area where the breast was
removed. Another option, called a
tissue fl ap procedure, involves the
shifting of tissue from the upperback
or tummy area to the breast
area. In any case, mastectomy
patients should also know that
the Women’s Health and Cancer
Rights Act of 1998 compels
health insurance providers who
cover mastectomies to also cover
reconstruction of the breast
affected by a mastectomy. This
benefi t also extends to surgery
needed to produce a symmetrical
appearance in the unaffected

P.S. Two-stage breast
reconstruction after mastectomy
allows mastectomy patients
to delay breast reconstruction
until after radiation treatment (if
needed) is complete.

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