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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with Tender Loving Care
By: Linda Blum, Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine, Summer 2004 ed.

Dr. Pedro Soler was featured in Tampa Bay’s Best Magazine for his work in crano-facial surgery for children.

In today’s hustle, bustle, hurry up world, it’s rare to speak with a doctor and feel a warmth and gentleness flowing in your direction. That is the experience that comes through when speaking with Dr. Pedro Solar, Board Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

With plastic surgery becoming viable option for so many people interested in cosmetic improvement, it’s interesting to find a doctor who has a genuine interest in helping those less fortunate who require reconstructive surgery. Specializing In pediatric cranio-facial surgery along with post mastectomy breast reconstruction, Dr. Soler receives tremendous gratification from his work.

“When a child is born with a cleft palate or a cleft lip, it is devastating to the entire family,” says Dr. Soler. “we have an opportunity to help these children with special techniques in plastic surgery recently developed. This type of pediatric surgery is so specialized that there are only three or four physicians in all of Florida trained in the art.”

An amazing aspect of Dr. Soler’s work is meeting with pregnant mothers when new ultra sound 3D pictures of their fetus indicate a cleft lip or cleft palate. The early meeting prepares the parents for the birth of their child and gives them an opportunity to understand the surgery that will be required to repair the hole that the fetus has developed.

“Typically after such a birth we wait about six to nine months, depending on the size of the palate, to do the repair. At this early age, it’s easier for a child to develop proper speech patterns which wouldn’t be possible if we waited several years which was previously the norm. The results are amazing,” Dr. Solar says.

A father of three, Dr. Soler speaks with the concern of a parent, as he beams when he tells you how rewarding it is to see the change in parents and their children after surgery.

Educated at the Creighton Medical School in Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Soler’s residency in general and plastic surgery was completed at the University of South Florida. In addition, he completed a fellowship in cranio-facial surgery in Mexico City with Dr.
Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio.

While working with the Moffitt Cancer Center as a general and plastic surgeon, Dr. Soler developed a specialty in breast reconstructive surgery. “I tried to put myself through the thought process of a 25-year old being told that she bad breast cancer and required a mastectomy and tried to understand her fear,” be says. “I wanted to do whatever I could to help alleviate these fears by explaining the process of reconstruction and helping them to feel better about what they were about to go through.”

Practicing in Tampa for the last four years, Dr. Soler opened his own practice just one year ago. The goal was to provide a compassionate, caring environment for his patients. “I wanted to be able to take the time with my patients to help them to understand the process and feel comfortable about it,” he said. As his practice grows, he finds himself working with about 50 percent children, 25 percent breast reconstruction and 25 percent cosmetic surgery, with many of his patients coming from personal referrals.

Dr. Soler’s primary concern is that patients know that “I care.”

For further information and a personal consultation, contact Dr. Pedro Soler’s office at (813) 878-9889.