A Cut Above the Rest: Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones's Invisible Scar Technique (IST)

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January 27, 2009. Breast augmentation is a medically approved, socially acceptable, and individually satisfying procedure that has improved the appearance, confidence and self-esteem of women around the world. Achieving the perfect look, shape, and natural feel of the human breast is the goal of every surgeon and the dream of every patient; however, some procedures are vastly superior to others.

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, an eminent Atlanta plastic surgeon with more than three decades of successful, practical experience has developed the Invisible Scar Technique (IST) to achieve the most natural, perfect-looking and feeling breast.

Dr. Jones developed his procedure through his extensive training at Emory, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, and Oxford Universities, and in Paris, France, where he studied under the French innovators of plastic surgery. Complementing his training with years of thoughtful observation, study, and progress, Dr. Jones’s Invisible Scar Technique is unique in the world of plastic surgery.

Dr. Jones has planned and implemented his procedure with his patients’ ultimate and long term satisfaction as his primary focus. The Invisible Scar Technique results in the most natural look and feel achievable. Dr. Jones’s IST procedure is virtually bloodless, ageless, gravity defying, and beautiful. In fact, the ‘invisible scar’ is a trademark of Dr. Jones work, first coined by an MDTV reporter in the mid 1990s. The procedure is required once, touchups are not needed.

Many techniques employ incisions through the areola area, while others cut muscle tissue to complete the implant placement, resulting in inevitable sensitivity loss, bleeding, and other issues. Still other implants are placed on top of the breast muscle, in which cases gravity sag the implants over time.

Dr. Jones’s IST employs his unrivalled skill to create what he describes an invisible incision. The implant is manipulated through the muscle fibers creating a natural bra suspension of the implant inside the breast. This ingenious procedure provides the desired support, classic form, and natural feel and sensitivity for Dr. Jones patients.

Practically no bleeding, no lumps, the most beautiful, natural, and ageless breast is the absolute goal and final result of Dr. Jones superior Invisible Scar Technique. His ‘invisible scar’ is the crowning achievement of his superior procedure.