How to Banish Stubborn Fat Forever!

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Sometimes my patients have trouble losing fat in certain stubborn areas, no matter how much they diet or exercise. Wherever your problem spots are, liposuction is a safe and effective tool to help you fine tune your weight loss efforts.

Tracy, 39, was working out regularly with a personal trainer to get herself back into shape after having three children. All of her babies had been quite large – her last one was a whopping 9 lbs 15 oz – while Tracy stands at a petite 5’3”. Athletic by nature, she enjoyed the exercise and the weight came off easily. Except right around her middle.

“It wasn’t like I wasn’t working hard,” she says. “I was waking up every day at 5:00 am to meet with my trainer, and we were doing lots of cardio work and strength training. But no matter what I did, I just couldn’t lose those last few pounds around my waist. Thankfully, Dr. Daw was able to take it all away and give me back my shape.”

I prefer the Vaser LipoSelection® technique, which combines ultrasound assisted liposuction with advanced surgical techniques that allow me to liquefy the unwanted fat to be easily removed, with less bleeding and therefore less bruising for you.

After surgery, you’ll be up and walking around that same day. The soreness will last for a few days, but within a week, the swelling will go down and you can return to work. And by two weeks you can start exercising again. Best of all, the results will be permanent as long as you maintain a proper diet and exercise.

Tracy’s now soaking up the warm summer weather. “I hadn’t been able to wear a bikini for so long,” she says. “But now I look great. My abs are fantastic – I actually have a six pack now! This has been such a rewarding experience for me, and I’m so glad I did this. In fact, my personal trainer is going to see Dr. Daw, too!”

After liposuction, expect to feel good about yourself – even in a bathing suit. Go ahead…enjoy the summer!