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Now results are customized for you with minimal discomfort!

Modern advances in the art of breast enhancement now allow you to get the procedure done in a much more precise manner with a quicker recovery and minimal discomfort.

With detailed breast measurements we can customize the procedure to your individual shape.

We have 3 types of round smooth saline breast implants and 3 types of round smooth silicone gel breast implants in many sizes to further customize the procedure for you. Silicone gel implants feel exceptionally natural.

The surgical techniques are now much more refined resulting in almost bloodless surgery.. This allows for accuracy in surgery and no need for any tight uncomfortable garments afterwards. In most cases the breast implants are placed partially under the chest wall muscle. Long acting local anesthetics minimize any immediate discomfort and muscle relaxation medications control muscle spasms. Recovery is much quicker, with minimal discomfort and rapid return to work.