Unequal Breasts

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When I see someone with unequal breasts several issues need to discussed.

  1. First we need to analyze what is different about the breasts. It might be shape or volume or both. Measurements are taken.

  2. Second it is important to find out from the patient what she wants and which breast she prefers.

  3. Then we can figure out what needs to be done. Options include breast implants on one side or unequal breast implants to both sides to correct the volume differences. Then we need to discuss what can be done about the shape. A lift on one side or unequal lifts (mastopexy) might be chosen. Even a breast reduction on one or both sides might be necessary. Every combination of breast implants (breast enlargement), breast lift (mastopexy) or breast reduction might be chosen.

There are lot of different choices that can be made. They are made in discussion with the patient. Some patients want as little as possible done and some want more done. I have seen lots of people with breast deformities at my plastic and cosmetic surgery practice.