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Herewith, Town & Country’s complete guide to cosmetic surgery, from head to toe. It explains not only

how each procedure is done and what you can expect of the experience, from pre- to post-op, but also what

the risks and complications can be; what the costs are; and, most importantly, how to choose a doctor. We

hope you’ll use this guide to arm yourself with the information you’ll need to make whatever decision is

right for you.


Problem: Excess fat around your stomach, hips, inner and outer thighs

Solution: Liposuction

Procedures: Only a few years ago, liposuction had to be performed in the hospital

under general anesthesia. With the newer “tumescent” technique, which entails injecting the skin with

varying doses of the anesthetic lidocaine, saline and the blood vessel constrictor epinephrine

(adrenaline), doctors can now remove larger volumes of fat in a quick outpatient procedure. The tool is a

small cannula connected by ahose to a suctioning device. Before the procedure starts, the doctor injects

you with the lidocaine solution, saline and epinephrine, which limits bleeding. After fifteen to twenty

minutes, when the injected is area is white and raised, the doctor uses the cannula to dislodge chunks of

fat via tiny incisions hidden in such areas as the gluteal fold or groin crease. The fat whooshes through

the hose into a nearby sterile container. Some surgeons emulsify the fat with an ultrasonic probe prior

to suctioning. “It makes the procedure faster and easier for the surgeon,” says New York plastic surgeon

John Sherman, M.D. “You don’t have to push the cannula as hard.” Others have tried external ultrasound to

soften fat cells in an attempt to reduce bruising and pain and to create a smoother contour.

T & C’s Directory of Top Cosmetic Surgeons in the U.S.

John E. Sherman, M.D.
1016 Fifth Ave., New York, NY
10021; (212) 535-2300.
Board Certification: plastic surgery.
Special focus: face; ultrasound liposuction;
body contouring