Men Vanity Is Also Thy Name

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Men Vanity Is Also Thy Name

For men a mid life crisis seems to be the realization of the body changes that take place as age and wear and tear of everyday stress compound and accumulate, coupled with insecurity about it.

All of a sudden we see the wrinkles and puffiness around our eyes, and the fat and loose skin under our chin and neck area. What about the belly boomers and their love handles?

Mid-life means 40 plus for men, what happens? Well, old boy, you are still growing, but not up. You’re growing older. Yes, older, but wiser. Now there is an awareness of health and fitness that is becoming a way of life.

What happens when even the best efforts including diet and exercise and proper grooming don’t even address the inevitable? At some point it may be impossible to achieve the perfection desired. Some cannot lose weight and others have fat resistant areas despite exercise and diet. To sum it up, unwanted fat deposits and wrinkled loosening skin are the signs of middle age, and feeling uncomfortable makes it important. Men have identified the problem and found the solution.

What are they, you ask? Common sense and ingenuity. Common sense tells men to do things this great culture has taught us; proper hygiene, diet, exercise, sleep, moderate sun with protection. The ingenuity comes into play when we men need that extra boost. We are talking about plastic surgery.

Men seem to get away with aging better because society has labeled an older gentleman as distinguished. But in most cases, men are seeking to look their best too. The most popular for men are really the simplest. Liposuction is number one and the love handles are the target. Imagine having your young body back by getting rid of that inner tube hanging on your sides. A simple puncture site on each side and a straw size tube can carve out the fat and flatten out the bulges in about one hour. This is called liposculpture and it really works!!!

Looking Tired, Men?

When you get up in the morning and look into the mirror, what do you see? Tired eyes, swollen lids, or bags and wrinkles starting to accumulate. In about one hour a procedure called Blepharoplasty can freshen up the tired look and eliminate the bags. You’ll look alert and alive again. Most men at 40 plus say they are getting more comments like “You look tired today…”, but they are really not. That means it’s time to consider Blepharoplasty.

Ten years ago a man was rarely seen in a plastic surgeon’s office. Today they are part of the everyday patient population. Men took ten years to arrive, but now they too have discovered the fountain of youth!

Reputation is probably one of the most accurate indicators of a surgeon’s ability. In the world of plastic surgery, reputation is the ongoing measure of the surgeon’s results. Experience with the procedure you are seeking is a must; an experienced surgeon is a refined surgeon. Ask you doctor how often he performs the particular surgery you are contemplating and for how many years he has been perfecting his skills.

( Dr. DiGeronimo has been in practice over 25 years. )