New Technology Makes Old Skin Young

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It’s no secret—wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, redness and loss of elasticity generally increase as we age. And although recent innovations in technology and pharmaceuticals have successfully diminished many of these signs of aging, the ultimate treatment—one that addresses discoloration, wrinkles and loss of elasticity without downtime—has not existed, until now.

It’s here. A new tool, the Affirm Multiplex, provides better and faster results with less discomfort than any treatment previously available. Combining the industry’s latest laser-based energy source and pulsed light into one tool, the Affirm Multiplex offers wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, pigmentation and redness reduction, facial rejuvenation and coagulation of tissue resulting in tighter skin. Three one-hour treatment sessions can effectively take years off of your skin, and the treatments are relatively painless and unobtrusive.

“I know all this sounds too good to be true,” says Marsha Fuller, a licensed esthetician and skin care expert at Plastic Surgery Center of the South. “But, believe me, it works. I did a lot of research and spoke with numerous doctors before we purchased this equipment. They simply love it, we love it and our patients love it, too. We’re very excited to be able to bring this new innovation to our patients.”

Fuller explains that the integrated design of this system simultaneously targets both superficial layers of photo-damaged tissue and deep layers of collagen structures. “Not only is the Affirm more effective than anything we’ve been able to offer clients before, it’s also less painful with a faster recovery time. There’s very little discomfort during the procedure and the only side effect is some splotchiness and redness for the 24 hours immediately following a treatment.” Because of the efficiency of the new technology, only two passes over the skins surface with the hand piece are required during a treatment session, which last less than an hour from start to finish. “We can accomplish a lot more in a lot less time than we were able to before,” Fuller explains, “and with greater precision. Because of the compact size of the hand piece we are able to treat smaller areas, like around the eyes and lips. Most of our patients see dramatic results with three treatments spaced about three to four weeks apart, but it really depends on the condition of the skin. Older patients or patients with more discoloration may opt for more to achieve better results,” Fuller says.

Treatment isn’t limited to the face. The Affirm can effectively treat the neck, chest, hands, arms or other areas of the body. “It’s great for tightening the jaw line and it’s very effective for minimizing scarring, particularly acne scars,” Fuller adds. “It’s truly amazing.”