Are You A Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

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Are You A Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

If you are considering plastic surgery, it’s important for you to ask yourself a few questions, which will help you and Dr. Hagerty decide if plastic surgery is right for you.

How is your general health?

People with health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, lung disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis, emphysema, are malnourished, severely depressed, obese and/or smokers are not generally good candidates for cosmetic surgery. Health problem increase the likelihood of complications. During your consultation, it is important for you to discuss all health conditions you have, so that the doctor can help you make the most informed decision.

Are you a smoker?

If you smoke or drink heavily, you may also not be a good candidate. If you decide to have cosmetic surgery and you are a smoker, you will be told to avoid smoking for at least two weeks before surgery and for, at least, two weeks after your surgery. This will promote proper healing and quick recovery. The reason behind this regimen comes from the fact that smokers have a higher rate of infection, skin separation, skin death, and anesthesia complications.

Are you overweight?

Surgery for anyone who is overweight puts extra stress on your heart, in which case elective surgery may not be advisable. The best candidates for cosmetic surgery should, ideally, be as close to their ideal weight as possible. This will reduce additional stress on your heart from the surgery.

The doctor’s goal is to ready you in as many ways as possible for your surgery. He suggests that preceding your surgery it’s best for you to consume less than five ounces a week and to limit your intake of caffeine.

Are you emotional stable?

You should, of course, also be emotionally stable. The less stress you have in your life, the better candidate you are. A healthy lifestyle that includes eating properly and exercising regularly, makes you all the better a candidate.

When you meet with Dr. Hagerty, it is critical that you give him a complete medical history. That history will include information about what medications you take, as well as if you take aspirin and/or vitamins, hormones (oral contraceptives and estrogen replacement) and any herbal medications.

Have you realistic ideas about the results you expect from the surgery?

Probably at the top of the list of what makes a good cosmetic surgery candidate is that you have realistic expectations of the results of surgery and understand that it will not “change your life.” It’s best to ask yourself whether you are having the surgery for yourself, or to please someone else?

It bears noting that a good candidate understands that there is a downside to plastic surgery. You should keep in mind that cosmetic surgery, like any other surgery, has associated with it cost, inconvenience, discomfort, and some medical risk. Ask yourself how you might feel if your results are not what you expected. Decide if you can you afford the cost of your surgery.

Will having the procedure put undue financial stress to your life?

It is very important for you to have a good support system in place, before and especially after your surgery. You should ask yourself if you have the time in your schedule for proper recovery. Are you sharing information about your surgery with friends and family? Do they approve, or are withholding that information, which will undoubtedly, add stress.

If you do not meet every one of the criteria above, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be a good candidate for plastic surgery, but, if you meet none of the criteria, it is likely that Dr. Hagerty will talk to you about your making some lifestyle changes before you have surgery.