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One of “The Real Housewives” Chooses Plastic Surgeon Dr. Milind Ambe for a Re-Take on Her Breast Augmentation

Board certified plastic surgeon performs breast augmentation revision for Bravo TV’s popular Tamra Barney

(March 17, 2008) – Dr. Milind Ambe, a prominent local plastic surgeon, was recently featured on the popular reality show, “The Real Housewives” Tamra Barney, one of the most popular characters on the Bravo network program, chose Dr. Ambe to help her with breast augmentation revision surgery.

Tamra had opted for breast augmentation with another local cosmetic surgeon in her 20’s, ending up with implants she later described as “way too large for my frame.” On the eve of turning 40, Tamra finally decided to make a change and chose Dr. Ambe to correct the problem.

“It’s true that most women who consider cosmetic surgery for their breasts are interested in going bigger,” said Dr. Ambe. “But it’s not unusual for patients like Tamra to decide to downsize. I often perform revisions for patients who have ended up with implants that are too big for their bodies.”

Because Dr. Ambe finds the consultative aspect of plastic surgery so rewarding, he is particularly pleased to be able to help women like Tamra. He feels that surgeons and patients need to listen to each other carefully and physicians should not hesitate to give feedback. “I find that sometimes patients tell me exactly what they want done, thinking they know how a procedure will make them look and feel,” he noted. “I would much rather start by discussing their issues and goals, then evaluate the options. Many times we end up planning a procedure that’s slightly different than the one they thought they should have. That’s why these appointments are called ‘consultations

In fact, that’s what happened when Tamra met with Dr. Ambe. She had been considering removing her implants completely, but Dr. Ambe suggested she replace them with smaller implants instead. He believed she might not be aware how much natural breast tissue she had probably lost during the normal processes of childbearing, and he felt that she would not be happy with very small breasts after having large implants for many years. Tamra agreed, and now that the surgery is behind her she is thrilled with her new figure. Her breasts are a bit smaller, a bit perkier and a lot better size for her petite frame.

Dr. Ambe’s experience with breast enhancement surgery reached even more women through articles on December 30th and January 2nd. In the January article, reporter Colin Stewart helped spread the word that it’s critical women know what to expect when having breast augmentation revision. He put in ink the input Dr. Ambe had given Tamra on the television show, “Most women find that removing implants entirely is not aesthetically desirable.”

Dr. Ambe applauds Tamra for her willingness to have her breast augmentation revision featured on an episode of “The Real Housewives” He’s pleased that other women got the chance to see that the procedure was straightforward and that Tamra’s relieved to have mid-C cup breasts that fit her body better.

Apparently, Tamra agrees that she made a good choice in having the surgery and in sharing the experience. She writes in her blog, “I got so many e-mails from girls all over the world that had the same problem.” And, according to her show’s season finale, after her breast surgery Tamra believes she is “still the hottest housewife.”