Post-Pregnancy 'Mini' Tummy Tuck a Favorite with Columbus, Ohio Moms

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Post-Pregnancy ‘Mini’ Tummy Tuck a Favorite with Columbus, Ohio Moms

As new mothers struggle to lose post-pregnancy baby “flab,” more Ohio moms are turning to minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures like a “mini” version of the Columbus, Ohio tummy tuck procedure to meet their post-baby body shaping goals.

Columbus, Ohio (March 2009) – In the past year, many Ohio women have been turning to cosmetic surgery to help them regain their pre-pregnancy shape. The four board-certified plastic surgeons at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery say that the decreased downtime and increased availability of minimally-invasive procedures like “mini” abdominoplasty is prompting a rise in the number of moms in Columbus, Ohio undergoing tummy tuck to tighten their shape.

“For women, the lower abdomen tends to be resistant to toning in the first place, but after pregnancy these problems only worsen,” explains Dr. Timothy Treece, one of the plastic surgeons in Columbus, Ohio at the practice. “Pregnancy stretches and tears the muscles, damaging the tissues in ways that no amount of crunches will fix. While each case is unique, many of our younger, active moms find that a mini tummy tuck offers a very effective way to correct this problem, with a reduced amount of downtime.”

Columbus, Ohio tummy tuck procedures have risen rapidly in popularity with young mothers because of the effectiveness of the procedure and the visual appeal of the results. The mini tummy tuck involves a smaller incision than the one required by a traditional tummy tuck and, unlike a traditional tummy tuck, the mini version does not require the surgeon to reposition the navel during the procedure.

“Minimally-invasive options are faster and more cost-effective, and that makes them very attractive to mothers leading a very hectic lifestyle,” says Dr. Susan Vasko. “New moms typically have busy lives and do not want to be away from home or work in order to recover from the full, traditional procedure, so for these patients the short-scar approach has a number of advantages.”

Like a traditional tummy tuck, the mini procedure requires an incision along the lower abdomen, through which the surgeon will remove excess skin and suture loose abdominal muscles into a more flattering position. However, the mini procedure involves a shorter incision and fewer muscular stitches, allowing for a shorter scar, faster surgery, and shorter recovery than those associated with the average traditional abdominoplasty procedure.

“Most mini abdominoplasty patients are able to be up and about within a few days of their surgery,” says Dr. Robert Heck. “For many mothers, this short recovery period is ideal because it gives them a chance to enjoy the kind of care that they provide for their families on a daily basis, while letting them ease into their typical activities and fitness habits quickly.”

The surgeons at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery say that mini tummy tuck is most effective for Columbus, Ohio women who already have healthy eating and exercise habits and are not planning further pregnancies.

“We look at the whole picture of each patient,” explains Dr. John Wakelin III. “Individual goals, health habits, and physiological characteristics will all influence the kind of approach that will yield the best results, so we pay careful attention to all of those factors. The end result is a surgical plan that makes sense for the patient’s goals from a physical standpoint, but also aesthetically and financially.”

The four board-certified plastic surgeons of Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery offer years of experience providing satisfying results in procedures like breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Contact their Columbus, Ohio offices when you request a consultation, or speak with their helpful staff at (61