Putting Her Healing Hands to Work For You

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Kim-Chi Vu, M.D.
Putting her healing hands to work for you

When it comes to healing hands, Dr. Kim-Chi Vu has you covered, in more ways than one. As an experienced Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon trained in all aspects of cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery, Dr. Vu understands the intricacies
that assist her in enhancing her patients’ beautiful, natural results.

Written in large script on one wall in the inner office of her Southwest Portland practice are the words “Quality, Respect,
Commitment,” Any patient who visits Dr. Vu for a consultation will see from the beginning that she and her staff embody
those attributes and apply them in all they do. “I have never felt more comfortable talking to a doctor about such a
sensitive and private subject,” comments one patient. “She made sure every step was smooth and painless.”

Following a skin evaluation with Dr. Vu, she is able to recommend the best course of action for the individual. Facial procedures
include products from Obagi, Prevage MD, and Triluma, which promote healthy, lustrous skin by alleviating wrinkles and blemishes
while enhancing elasticity and regulating natural oil production. Rejuvenating skin peels and microdermabrasion are also
available, while Jane Iredale mineral makeup complements any treatment and won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Also available for patients who might not be ready for surgical procedures are injectable fillers like luvederm, Cosmoplast, and
ArteFill, which reduce wrinkles while adding volume. These are fast procedures that can be scheduled during a lunch hour, but will
have an immediate impact. Artefill is a permanent injectable filler excellent for nasolabial folds, while Juv6deim and Cosmoplast
accentuate the lips for a beautiful, plump effect. Another option is Botox Cosmetic, which works by relaxing muscles just beneath
the skin to reduce wrinkles and provide a fresher, younger look. Results from Botox can last up to four months.

For other non-invasive procedures, Dr. Vu employs the light and high-frequency radio waves of an electro-optical synergy (ELOS)
laser to remove unwanted hair, as well as to treat Rosacea, spider veins, age spots, and uneven skin tone. Using Therniage, which
heats sub¬layers of the skin using capacitive radio frequency, Dc Vu is able to coax existing collagen to tighten skin, while
promoting new collagen growth. Many of these revolutionary procedures require a handful of cycles for maximum results, but the
effects can last years.

For the most advanced cases of cosmetic and facial rejuvenation, Dr. Vu puts her healing hands to work in surgical procedures.
She offers a range of treatments, which include breast augmentation, breast lifts, facial and body liposuction, tummy tucks, body
lifts, brow lifts, eyelid lifts, face lifts, and rhinoplasty. Said one patient under Dr. Vu’s care, “Her attention arid concerns
for my well-being after surgery far surpassed the doctor/patient relationship. She followed up on me both directly after surgery,
and for the next year to come. Not only is she my doctor, but she also feels like a friend.”

She transfers that knowledge of delicate structures to her cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery practice, where her
understanding of patients and their goals plays a key role in helping them to look and feel their best. “My expertise in trauma
and reconstruction carries over naturally to aesthetic procedures because of attention to detail in order to get the best results
possible,” says Dr. Vu. “The principles are very much the same.”

Dr. Kim-Chi Vu’s extensive education and residency training at OHSU, and her continuing work as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon,
ensure that any patient who comes to see her for cosmetic procedures gets nothing but the highest quality care. And her dedication
to patient care and education guarantees that all who enter know that the treatment they choose will suit their goals to the last