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Eye On The Horizon

“My philosophy is to integrate the most up-to-date, proven
procedures to fulfill patient needs in as personalized and
private an environment as possible.” His office includes an
operating room suite, recovery room, a tenured staff and the
option of nearby overnight accommodations for those who value
their privacy. Having “everything under one roof” guarantees
his patients seamless service. With most consultations lasting
45 minutes to one hour, the emphasis is on “quality, not quantity.”
Patients can be assured they get the accessibility and attention
they deserve. “I like to maintain an open, unhurried pace,”
says Dr. Price, who insists that each patient receive a second
consultation prior to any surgery being performed.

His exclusively aesthetic practice offers a full menu of facial,
breast, body and skin rejuvenation options. Frequently performed
procedures include all aspects of facial rejuvenation and
breast enhancement. In addition to his referral-based practice,
Dr. Price has made a significant commitment to professional
organizations and patient care. He is the immediate past
president of the Connecticut State Medical Society, and was a
major contributor to the state’s recent accreditation laws for
office surgery suites. Dr. Price also is on the clinical faculty of the
Yale School of Medicine and he is a Physician Leader exploring
better ways to deliver healthcare. “My profession allows me to
not only seek ways to enhance my patients’ lives but also to
change the future face of medicine.”

Facelifts…More or Less

Describing the classic facelift of a decade ago, Dr. Price uses the old adage, “When all you have is a hammer…everything looks like a nail.” While a facelift is still a viable option for many patients, it is just one tool in a more refined toolbox. Today, insists Dr. Price, we must think of the totality of the face in layers if we are to accomplish TRUE FACIAL REJUVENATION. “Changes in texture, color and volume of the face cannot be changed by pulling and tightening. But by performing a myriad of treatments and procedures, you can be left with A MORE
, while addressing all the different components of facial aging.” Dr. Price practices a layered, linear approach, including endoscopic brow lifts, minimal incision lifts, laser resurfacing, injectables and skincare. “We do an ENDOSCOPIC BROWLIFT technique with three incisions total. Facelifts with scars extending into the hairline are often not necessary today. Now, we can limit the scars to tiny incisions around the ear for many patients. LASER RESURFACING goes deeper into the layers of the skin while injectables and skincare do a great job of maintaining the desired look.”