Age, Interrupted

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Age, Interrupted

Dr. Kimberly Henry brings a woman’s touch and intimate understanding to the realm
of cosmetic surgery. Located in the Bay Area, Dr. Henry manages three
locations of the Aesthetic Institute

“We offer a full-spectrum approach to our patients, with
aesthetics being the primary goal. Our treatment style is all encompassing,”
says Dr. Henry, who has authored two books
on the subject—The Face Lift Sourcebook and The Plastic Surgery
Sourcebook. The doctor’s style is personal, genuine and warm.
She is keenly attuned to the emotional issues accompanying
a change in appearance, and patients particularly appreciate
this and her ability to explain technical terms to them so that
they are easily understood.

Her beautifully appointed office is home to an inspired team of
professionals, she says. “We take care of people—from decision
making through recovery. Whether we are talking about a subtle
touch-up or a more dramatic change in appearance, there
is a sense of excitement and profound belief in what we do.”
Her team includes a board-certified anesthesiologist, nurses,
patient coordinators and aestheticians. Online consultations
and staff availability for overnight care underscore her commitment
to patient convenience and comfort.

With age 50 being the “new 35,” Dr. Henry sees demographics
contributing to an explosion in the demand for plastic surgery.
“Body and facial rejuvenation are being considered at a much
earlier age.” Her job? Aligning the body with the soul. “We all
love to look as fabulous as we can.”

Benefits of Combination Treatments

Baby boomers, women after childbirth and people transitioning to a new lifestyle are all eventually confronted with an aging appearance. While legs and arms usually fare well, the torso can be more adversely affected by age, pregnancy or weight gain or loss. Not surprisingly, liposuction, breast surgery and tummy tucks are common means to correct these problems. Even more widespread are “combo” procedures. “People are very amenable to one surgery satisfying several areas at one time,” says Dr. Henry, who performs combination procedures that call for a tummy tuck, breast implants and breast lift. “While all people may not be candidates, in a majority of cases I can use the abdominoplasty incision to carefully guide the implants into position and then close, leaving no incision by the breast.” Downtime and costs are minimized while the overall result is optimized.