Five Things You Should Know Before Having a Breast Procedure

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1. You can have breast enhancement without experiencing severe pain.
You may have heard that breast enhancement is a very uncomfortable procedure.
This has been true in the past and continues to be so when certain surgical techniques
are used. In fact, some physicians will recommend the use of a small device that
is inserted at the end of the procedure to help control the pain. Fortunately,
another option exists. The Rapid Recovery technique for breast enhancement can
dramatically reduce the discomfort following surgery so that most patients experience
a recovery that is relatively brief and easily tolerated.

2. You can minimize
nausea, vomiting and constipation following breast surgery.
One of the wonderful benefits of having less discomfort following surgery is
that you will require less pain medication. Since these medications frequently
cause nausea, vomiting and constipation, the less medication that you require
the less likely you are to experience these problems. Patients appreciate the
ability to quickly reduce or eliminate the use of these strong pain medications
following surgery.

3. You do not have to take an extended vacation to have breast enhancement.
Another positive aspect of less discomfort, as well as less nausea and vomiting, is that you can return to routine, non-strenuous activities more quickly. Most patients do not have the luxury of taking an extended vacation for their recovery. Often, family and friends are asked to help with work and family responsibilities during this time. By using techniques that speed your recovery you can resume your responsibilities more quickly and reduce the burden on family and friends.

4. Some little secrets can make a big difference.
Plastic surgeons use various techniques for performing breast enhancement. Although there is no one “right” technique,
there are several maneuvers that can be performed in the operating room to enhance
the likelihood of a good result. One such maneuver is the use of a temporary
implant that is inserted prior to placement of the permanent implant. This allows
your physician to try different amounts of salt water to see what implant size
is most likely to achieve your goals.

Another important maneuver is to place
you in a sitting position (while you remain asleep) to get a more accurate appearance
of your breasts that can be obtained when you are lying down. These steps may
add some time to the procedure but they can serve to minimize surprises later


You can reduce your financial discomfort as well as your physical discomfort. The decision to have plastic surgery is a very important one. As with all important decisions, this one should be made without pressure and should allow you sufficient time to reflect upon your decision. Therefore, it is important that you carefully consider your willingness to agree to pay non-refundable scheduling and surgical fees. Any anxiety you may have about your procedure should not be compounded by the possible loss of a non-refundable deposit.