Lifestyle Factors to Consider in Deciding on the Size of your Breast Implants

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In making a decision about the proper size of breast implants for your breast enlargement, it’s important to think about how the results will affect your daily life. After all, breast implants are not like a padded bra that you take off at night or exchange for a more utilitarian model some days. Breast implants are permanent additions to your body–that’s their benefit. They’re there when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning, and whether you put on a dress, t-shirt and jeans, or a bathing suit, they will be there. So it’s best to take a number of factors into account before making a decision on the size of your breast implants.

Profession–Do you work in a place where large breasts could result in unwanted attention? Would large breast implants make you seem unprofessional?

Dress–Consider the clothes you want to wear after your breast enlargement operation. In most cases, women want to look better in clothes they like, so it’s important to make sure that your breast implants are not too large to look good in those same clothes.

Activities–There are a number of activities that some women find more difficult after breast enlargement. In particular, some athletic activities can be affected by breast implants. Tennis, golf, and especially swimming are all affected by breast implants. Other activities that can be affected by breast implants are cooking, gardening, or any other activity performed close to the body.

Habits–Many things you do on a daily basis can be affected by your breast implants. Stomach sleepers, for example, often have difficulty sleeping following breast enlargement. Large implants can make a big difference even on just walking or sitting. Going about your day with a larger bra filled with bags of rice, couscous, water, or other materials about equal to the size of implants you’re considering can make you aware of some of the minor adjustments you have to make.

After considering all these factors, you might want to note that after their breast enlargements, many women express regret at not getting larger implants. Dr. Hartog will listen to your goals for the breast enlargement and your reservations and concerns. Then, using the Vectra 3D Breast Sculptorâ„¢ and other techniques he will help you decide on the best combination in terms of natural results and lifestyle balance for your breast implants. Contact the Bougainvillea Clinique today to schedule a consultation.