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Over the years, women of all ages have wanted to enhance their bust size.
Plastic surgery for breast implants has become increasingly popular and
gained widespread acceptance.

Jacqueline Thibodeau
of Northborough had exactly the opposite problem. The decision to have
breast reduction and reconstruction surgery was the hardest decision
she ever had to make. “I was always what you might call well–endowed.
Buying clothes was difficult. I would wear a size 14, but if I wanted
to buy a suit, I would have to buy a size 18 or 20, then have it altered.
It was very difficult to buy clothes off the rack, and all my bras had
to be ‘special order’,” recalls Jacqueline. Her sister had a similar
procedure in Europe many years ago and had a bad experience, causing
Jacqueline to think long and hard about whether to have the procedure.
Finally, the back, shoulder and neck pain associated with the extra weight
of her breasts got to be so uncomfortable that Jacqueline called Dr.
Cynthia Poulos, a Northborough plastic surgeon to help.

“As a plastic surgeon, it has been my experience that patients who have this
reduction procedure are among the happiest that we see in practice,” said Dr.
Poulos. “Essentially, we have a healthy person who is experiencing a great deal
of discomfort, and take them through a process that makes them feel and look
better at the same time. The procedure involves both reducing and lifting the
breasts. We try to preserve normal sensation, and the possibility of breast-feeding
in the future. Age is generally not a barrier to having this surgery, as long
as a young woman has reached a stable size in her development. The age range
of the women for whom I have performed this procedure is from 15 to 72 years.
And, frequently, insurance plans will cover this type of operation,” she explained.

Jacqueline said she could not have had better hospital care. “Everyone
was so nice and kind. I went in to Marlborough Hospital at seven in the
morning and came home about five that afternoon. Both breasts were done
at the same time, removing five pounds of breast tissue. Even though I
was expecting to feel pain, I was surprised at how quickly I healed and
how little pain there was.”

“I don’t think I have been this small since I was 16 years old. I had no idea
it would make such a huge difference in so many areas of my life… being able
to wear a sports bra, buying clothes off the rack, sleeping comfortable on my
side, and best of all no more pain! My God, what a difference!”

Cynthia Poulos, M.D. is Board-Certified in surgery and plastic surgery.
She sees patients in her office in Northborough.