Dr Churukian's Top Ten List for the Savvy Plastic Surgery Patient

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  1. It is not difficult to recognize bad results in plastic surgery; good results, however, hardly ever broadcast their presence.
  2. Aging is a subtle process; improvements should mimic this but in the opposite direction.
  3. Most people spend more maintaining their automobiles than maintaining their bodies; as a result, cars often look and run better than their owners do.
  4. Plastic Surgery seems expensive because most people are forced to choose the repair option over the maintenance program (pay me now…or pay me later).
  5. 3 months of Botox is equivalent in cost to 3 months of Starbuck’s coffee.
  6. Never underestimate the power of a good complexion and strive to achieve this goal.
  7. Plastic Surgery is not a shortcut to looking and feeling better; it is just another path to reach your goal.
  8. The sun is not your friend…he especially hates you between 10AM and 2PM, take appropriate precautions.
  9. Your body and face is the address at which your brain resides; Most people make certain assumptions about the occupant based on the appearance of the home in which they live.
  10. All Plastic Surgeons have the occasional poor result; the good ones know how to correct the problem, bad ones suggest you seek counseling.