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The great silicone fear of the 90’s is vanishing,
breasts are in again! Everyday, a large number of women
are seeking enhancement of the
breast size or shape. Even while still confused by contradictory reports
about breast implants, women are reaching for the best solution to satisfy
their desire for a safe, effective and natural breast enlargement.

Women seeking a first-time breast augmentation are limited to the saline-filled
breast implants. According to study criteria, females seeking breast lifts,
breast reconstruction and connection of deformities can qualify for silicone
implants in approved facilities for women who qualify.

The gel now available is more “cohesive” (less
liquid) and unlikely to leak into tissue if the implant envelope
fails. Nevertheless,
implant manufactures recommend the replacement of a gel-filled implant
every 10 to 15 years as a precaution. This procedure can be done under
local anesthesia in most cases.

While silicone-filled implants often feel more natural than saline-filled
implants, in a breast with good skin elasticity and adequate soft tissue
padding, saline remains quite satisfactory. In addition, saline has the
flexibility to allow minor adjustments when needed, especially in the case
of breast asymmetry.

A word of caution remains. Despite their wide popularity and apparent ease
of performance, some breast augmentations remain quite sophisticated. Beware
of the peculiarity of your breast shape or deficiency and investigate the
different methods available for correction of the problem. A one-for-all
approach is not adequate and can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Apparent savings will be more than swallowed by the costs of repairing
a misguided procedure. Anyone contemplating breast augmentation should
make sure of the proficiency of her plastic surgeon in all aspects of the
surgery. In addition, she should exhibit an overall concern for an aesthetically
pleasing breast enhancement procedure.

Indications for Breast Augmentation

1. Cosmetic breast augmentation of underdeveloped breasts.
2. Asymmetrical breasts.
3. Abnormal breasts with one or both underdeveloped.
4. Breast change after pregnancy.
5. Breast reconstruction after surgical removal.