Let's Face It: How You Look Isn't Always How You Feel.

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people can truly turn back the hands of time, but Dr. Christian Drehsen,
his artistic eye and his delicate, deft touch, can. Among the world’s
elite plastic surgeons, Dr. Drehsen’s talent and ability to fulfill
dreams of youthful appearances makes him and his Cliniquc of Plastic
Surgery a hot commodity; and the demand for his state-of-the-art
technology has never been stronger.

“My interest in plastic surgery
is mostly due to the new age boomers coming up,” Dr. Drehsen explains. “I
think they give face rejuvenation a Dew meaning because everyone
wants to stay as young as they were in 1970.

“To fulfill
the desire to achieve a youthful appearance, technology has improved
and changed. “Nobody
wants to see facial rejuvenation the way it was handled a few years
ago,” Dr.
Drehsen explains. “People looked like they had just come in
out of a wind tunnel.

“Today, the plastic surgeon’s instruments
can create fine lines, more subtle lines, hiding the signs of facial
magic. In addition, society’s standard of “youth” has changed,
the doctor notes. Today, more people want a full face rather than the
taut, drawn-back “wind tunnel” effect. “They need to look
natural,” he emphasizes. “People go to the gym, take
vitamins and all those supplements, and they want their face
to match their body
and their attitude toward life.

“Indeed, as people live longer,
they also want to live younger longer. Dr. Drehsen agrees. “My
main goal of facial rejuvenation is really not to make you
look quantitatively
younger but qualitatively younger. You will have a more dynamic,
fresher look.

Drehsen seems to have been born to the profession of plastic surgeon.
A native
of Belgium, he was raised in what is now
with an appreciation of all kinds of art and architecture,
and trained at some of the best universities in the country. He received
medical degree in 1970 in Belgium. Attracted by the warm
Florida weather, he came to the USA in 1971 for an internship at
Mount Sinai Hospital,
then went on to study general surgery at the U. of F. and plastic surgery at another major university.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he began his practice more than two decades ago. For several years, he maintained dual clinics on both coasts of the panhandle.