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Most cosmetic surgeons prescribe pain medication for 3 to 7 days, but my typical method is to not prescribe pain medication at all. There are exceptions, but this is my general rule. Are you appalled? I assure you―I am not a barbarian! The Dr. Kirk Moore Pain-Free Instant Recovery Breast Augmentation Procedure is gaining popularity as women learn they don’t have to hurt, don’t have to have a long recovery time, and don’t need to be an invalid after breast augmentation surgery.

The best evidence I can give someone who is wondering why my procedure is so different is the word of a couple of professionals who are familiar with the work:

1. From an operating room nurse—“I’ve seen thousands of procedures, and I chose Dr. Moore. Entering the operating room, this time as a patient, I was confident that I would have the best results possible. I could not have imagined how perfect my surgical experience was, and the augmentation is spectacular. I even joke that there should be a procedure to remove the permanent grin from my husband’s face. –L. Ellsworth, RN, CNOR

2. From a physician—“Dr. Moore has earned the trust and respect of me and my family. We have benefited from his skills and professionalism in both cosmetic and clinical procedures. His compassion and concern for each patient makes us grateful that we found him. We recommend him highly without reservation.” –Dr. and Mrs. Cardinal

Here are some of the reasons my method works while others continue to be more difficult:

1. The care and skill provided during surgery.
2. No lying in bed. After a two-hour nap, you are up and about the day of surgery!
3. Stretching without being wrapped like a mummy.
4. Getting back immediately into your daily routine.

The truth is that the best results happen when there is less blunt force, less bleeding, less scarring, and, therefore, less pain. But this only occurs when a surgeon knows how to perform the surgery in a way that is clean and quick without sacrificing the most important thing―your comfort as the patient!

So, make sure you find a doctor who is credentialed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The doctor must specialize in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and have dedicated his or her life to breast augmentation surgery.

Find a doctor who has a passion for this procedure. Only then will you be given the most effort, the most confidential care, and the most concern for your safety and well-being. I have spent over a decade mastering the Pain-Free, Instant Recovery Breast Augmentation Procedure. This is not just a surgical procedure to me—it is my life and my passion!

Find a practice where you will be welcomed as a friend and where the surgical facilities are certified by the highest standards set forth for ambulatory surgery.

If you follow this advice and find the right doctor, you will be working at your non-strenuous job within two days! In fact, you can be out enjoying yourself with “just the right curves” the very same day—not spending your time recovering from surgery. You will not be groggy from medications for several days like you’ve been told! No one need ever know about your surgery (unless you tell them!) And I enjoy telling people the secret of Dr. Kirk Moore’s Pain-Free Instant Recovery Breast Augmentation method during consultations.