Breast Feeding, Pregnancy, Post-Pregnancy Breast Enlargement Surgery

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Many women have questions about how pregnancy affects breast augmentation surgery. They wonder if they should wait to get their procedure after having their children. Certainly, you don’t want to have surgery while you’re pregnant, as you’ll be given an anesthetic which can affect the baby.

When it comes to planning surgery around pregnancy, I advise my patients to wait to have a breast enlargement if they plan to become pregnant within the next year, but if they expect that they won’t get pregnant for more than a year, I advise them to go ahead with the surgery.

Another question I hear a lot is whether pregnancy will reverse the enlargement. Most women with implants do not experience sagging during pregnancy or breast feeding. In fact, implants are likely to prevent sagging. If you do feel that your breasts have sagged a bit after your pregnancy, however, you can easily have a simple breast lift procedure. In my experience, though, this is rarely needed.

Your breasts will probably still become larger during your pregnancy, just as happens with women who do not have implants, but this natural engorging process has nothing to do with your implants and will not affect them in any way.

What about breast feeding?

Some women worry whether breast feeding is safe after augmentation surgery, and the answer is a resounding yes! The gland in the breast that produces milk is not disturbed in the slightest during a breast enlargement, and the implant material cannot be transferred to your baby. Even if you had a silicone implant, and it somehow leaked and miraculously found its way into your breast milk, it is a substance that is much like a medicine given to babies for intestinal gas. So, it would not harm your baby under any circumstances.

While 99% of women who have breast augmentation surgery and become pregnant go on to breast feed with no problems, 1% of women experience some nipple sensation loss. This is a very rare side effect of the surgery that can prevent a woman from being able to breast feed. However, since the percentage of this occurrence is so low, breast augmentation surgery is very safe for women who expect to become pregnant.

The great thing is that women who want to get pregnant don’t have to wait a long time to get breast enlargement surgery, and they don’t have to worry about post-surgery issues that could affect their baby.

You can continue with your life without having to choose between one or the other. You can be a woman with “just the right curves,” and you can also be a Mom.