How Enhancement of Breasts is as Much About Your Self-Confidence as Your Cup Size

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When your clothes don’t fit right or you feel self-conscious about a “less than womanly” figure, it can consume your thoughts day and night. Your friends might joke about your flat chest, or you might spend hours trying on bras and clothes to find something that won’t gap or look strange. If you’re like some women, you might avoid the beach or even feel that you have to undress with the lights out. You might imagine that everybody else notices how you look, even if they don’t. The truth is that whether anyone else notices your breast size or not, that’s just no way to live!

As much as we hate to admit it, our looks matter. They affect the way other people perceive us, and they certainly affect the way we feel about ourselves. In my practice, I have found that it doesn’t matter what cup size a woman is or wants to be. The bottom line is that she needs to feel good about how she looks. When a woman feels that her body is proportioned and womanly – when she feels that her clothes fit her well and look good on her whether she’s in a business suit or a little black dress – it makes an enormous difference in how she walks through her day. She not only feels more confident around men, but she feels more confident in every aspect of her life. She is no longer thinking about how she looks or how uncomfortable she feels in her clothes. In short, she can get on with living her life because she’s free from self-defeating thoughts. Let’s face it: Self-confidence is the key to success.

But when it comes to self-confidence, cup size is relative. The important thing is that it be the right cup size for each individual woman. I have always believed a woman should let her body decide. Every woman is unique – both her body and her expectations. So, the deciding process needs to be very individualized. It needs to be based on a woman’s frame and the proportions of her body. Too small an implant will be a disappointment, and if it is too large, tissue stretching can occur that would require subsequent surgery to correct. The best option is to get the optimal breast size, not the maximum breast size. After all, most women don’t want people to notice they have had a breast enhancement.

So, you definitely need a sensitive and experienced surgeon – preferably one who is literally passionate about breast augmentation surgery. For me, this procedure is a calling. I love seeing my patients walk away with smiles on their faces. I know how important it is to them, and it’s enormously rewarding to see the results make a difference in their lives.

Perhaps most importantly, I want my patients to be able to enjoy their new body immediately without anguish. That’s why I devised the Pain-Free Instant Recovery Breast Augmentation procedure that simply uses less blunt force and gets women moving immediately after surgery. I have found that wrapping the body and staying still post-surgery only makes things worse. In fact, with my method, I have only had three women in more than a year that required a post-surgery pain prescription for a short time. In most cases, women have been able to go out to dinner the same day without any pain at all.

So, besides the self-confidence that comes with breast enlargement surgery, you need to have confidence in your surgeon. Because of my innovative technique, women often travel to my practice in Utah in order to experience the surgery without pain, as well as return to work within only a couple of days. No one has to be the wiser that they had a breast augmentation. They simply combine it with a ski vacation and tell their friends they hit the slopes while away for a few days.

Every single woman we’ve spoken to after her breast enlargement has said, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” No matter the cup size she has chosen in order to have “just the right curves,” the difference in her self-confidence is priceless.