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Did you know that within just 7 seconds of meeting you, others are already making assumptions about you? And, that within just the first 30 seconds, they have already made 11 assumptions about you, your intelligence, your socioeconomic status, your success and your level of self-esteem?!

Additionally, studies have shown that people who are considered attractive fare better with others, make more friends and more money, and have more satisfying sexual experiences.

A recent study has shown that women who undergo breast augmentation, experience a 57% increase in sexual satisfaction, a 79% increase in ratings of sexual desire, and an 81% increase in sexual arousal!

Since we hadn’t heard from you in a little while, we wanted to let you know about our Spring Special we are running. Only $2795 for breast augmentation (plus a nominal fee for OR and anesthesia), but hurry it’s ONLY offered for consultations scheduled BEFORE May 1, 2008! You will still get all the benefits of my Pain-Free Instant Recovery Procedure, just for a much more discounted price!

You will have to hurry, though, to take advantage of this special. It is on a first-come, first-serve basis and the openings are filling up fast. As a matter of fact we are already through the middle of April on our consultations as of this printing.

Just in case there are still some doubts about whether we can deliver on what we promise, here is a letter I received just yesterday (3/24/2008):

“Breast augmentation is something I had thought about for a very long time, but I was afraid of how painful and invasive the whole process would be. I went in for my consultation and decided that I was ready. I was amazed at how good I felt after the surgery. It has only been a short while since my surgery and I am back to 100%. I
couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I finally feel sexy and can’t wait for summer to put on a bikini.” Laura M.

So don’t wait a minute longer. Call us today to reserve your spot and begin this summer with a new you!