Breast Enhancement for the Modern Woman

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Enhancement for the Modern Woman

Stephen J Ronan MD, Blackhawk Plastic Surgery

The breast is the universal symbol of femininity,
nurturing, love, and sexuality. Most women interested in
breast augmentation or enlargement are intelligent, successful
and well-adjusted individuals who are concerned with inadequate
breast size. The overwhelming majority of women who undergo
breast augmentation are very satisfied with their result.
Because of such high patient satisfaction and improvement
in self-image, it is not surprising that breast augmentation
is one of the more common aesthetic plastic surgery procedures

There are two main groups of women that
present for breast augmentation. The first group is women
who feel they never developed the breast volume they desire.
Most are of these women are insecure regarding their breast
size and have been for several years. Many of these patients
benefit psychologically and experience an improvement in
self-confidence. In fact, studies show that many women have
less anxiety, depression, and shyness after breast augmentation
while having an improved self-image.

The second group of women that commonly
seek breast enhancement are those that lost volume after
pregnancy, a condition called post-partum breast involution.
Many of these women also have some drooping as well. Many
of these patients complain that ‘I have nothing left!’ Typically
these patients have an augmentation which restores their
breast volume (and sometimes a bit more!). A mastopexy,
or lift, procedure can be performed at the same time to
lift and improve shape simultaneously. Most patients receive
a peri-areolar lift or one with a circular scar around the
areolus only.

Breast augmentation is a safe procedure.
Breast augmentation will not affect a woman’s ability to
breastfeed. The implant is placed behind the chest muscle
and never touches the breast tissue. Most patients do not
have a permanent change in sensation after augmentation.
Breast implants do not cause breast cancer or any other
systemic disease. Numerous studies have shown that there
is no difference between augmented and nonaugmented patients
in survival of breast cancer. Multiple studies have also
shown that there is no delay of treatment for breast cancer
in augmented women. In order to provide the safest environment,
I believe that all surgery should be performed in a certified
surgery center or hospital with an anesthesiologist present.