How To Know How Big Your Implant Should Be Before Your Breast Enlargement Procedure

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When you decide to get breast implants, you have several decisions to make. Not only do you need to determine what size you want, but you need to think about shape and proportion as well. You may like the breast size of a favorite celebrity, but will that size really look best on your body?

For example, two women who both wear a 36C bra size may have very different breasts in terms of shape. One of them may have nursed children, and her breasts may sit lower on her chest as a result. Both women may have breasts of different widths, even though they could wear the same bra comfortably. Don’t forget that the cup size is all that matters in terms of the actual size of your breasts. The number of your bra size refers to the measurement of your chest above your breasts. This number won’t change after your breast enlargement procedure. Only your cup size will change.

When women come to me for a consultation, my main concern is that their figure is enhanced without looking unnatural or fake. I want them to have the optimal breast size after their procedure, not necessarily the maximum size. Any doctor that you meet should be interested in helping you choose the best size and shape for your body. Every woman is unique, so it should be a very individualized, one-of-a-kind decision-making process. In fact, something as specific as the way your ribcages curve inside your chest can make a difference in how certain implant shapes and sizes will look on your body. Too small an implant won’t fill out the breast properly, and you’ll be dissatisfied with the result. Too large an implant, on the other hand, can cause stretching of the breast tissue that cannot be reversed without additional surgery. And nobody wants that!

No matter the size and shape that you choose for your implants, your body needs to be able to support them over time. Your doctor must be able to advise you of the best way to achieve the look that you want.

At your consultation, we measure:
1. The width of your breasts,
2. The cup size of your breasts, and
3. The degree of stretch in the tissues of your breasts.

We then discuss the pros and cons with you of the two types of implants: silicone and saline. The one that is chosen will have a lot to do with your body type and the way you want to look after your procedure.

Of course, the ultimate decision of the size and shape of your new breasts is always yours! So, it’s important to think about whether you want others to notice that you’ve had an enlargement. If not, you may opt for a slightly smaller size so that it more closely mirrors the current shape of your breasts. You may choose to increase the size of your breasts by only one or two cup sizes. The most common ‘request’ is a C cup, and depending upon your body type, this increase is often subtle enough that no one would know you had implants.

Some women prefer a rounder shape because it gives them more fullness at the top of the breasts for enhanced cleavage. So, a lot depends on your priorities and what you and I believe would look best on your body. For example, there are different styles of round implants. Some protrude more and some are flatter on your chest, hence allowing for more or less of an increase in cup size. The style chosen will be dependent on a number of factors, some of which we have discussed above. You absolutely need a skilled surgeon to help you make the perfect choice for your body and your preferences!

Whatever size and shape that’s chosen, every woman wants to feel and look beautiful after her breast enlargement surgery. Be sure that you choose a doctor who can help you to get noticed for having “Just the Right Curves!”