New Aesthera Laser Treats Acne in 3-4 Visits

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Dr. Ben Lee’s office uses the Aesthera laser to treat acne

ENGLEWOOD, CO – Dr. Ben Lee’s practice has purchased the Aesthera laser, a laser that earned FDA approval for acne treatment in just 45 days. Using this vacuum pulsed light, Dr. Ben Lee’s team of medical aestheticians treats patients for acne without prescriptions or antibotics.

Aesthera’s photopneumatic-based acne treatments made headlines in Medesthetics April 2007 issue when it received such rapid approval by the FDA for acne treatment, compared to other technology and treatments that can take years to achieve FDA approval. Medesthetics is a bi-monthly magazine focused on bringing medical practitioners breakthrough developments in medical aesthetics.

According to Dr. Lee, some of the advantages of Aesthera its uniqueness of its photopneumatic structure-its PPx mechanism-over other light-based treatments. Its vacuum-pulsed light function destroys P. Acnes on the skin and produces thermal injury to the sebaceous gland. That combination clears 60 to 80% of all types of acne lesions within only three to four treatments.

Other advantages of the Aesthera laser over traditional prescription treatments-Accutane and antibiotics-are:

  • Extremely tight FDA regulations around the use of Accutane are resulting in high physician demand for light based acne treatments, and
  • Patient demand for non-systemic (antibiotic) treatments has greatly increased as patient awareness about side-effects has grown.

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